Alexandre Malafaye: “Companies must go beyond the notion of profit”

INTERVIEW – For the President of Synopia, managers must take into account their entire ecosystem in order to be responsible.

In addition to the presidency of a strategy consulting company founded with three partners, the essayist and columnist – notably on Europe 1 and FigaroLive – Alexandre Malafaye heads a think-tank, the Synopia association, dedicated to corporate governance. He is working on leadership responsibility and has developed an index to measure it.

LE FIGARO. – For you, the sharing of values ​​in business is the mother of the battles of the XXIe century, and even more since the start of the pandemic. Why?

Alexandre MALAFAYE. – This issue comes down to asking the question of the place and role of the company in modern society. Its governance must absolutely take into account today the ethical dimension, in the etymological sense of the term, because otherwise it is in serious danger. The world is moving very quickly and creating strong tensions, such as social inequalities, real or perceived, which the crisis has reinforced. The companies of tomorrow will therefore have to question their way of doing business,

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