Alexander Zverev continues to win! “Only give up with a broken leg”

He bit, he got it all out, he won!

Injury drama at the bett1HULKS in Cologne around Alexander Zverev (23)! The Hamburger won 6: 3, 6: 7, 6: 4 against the French Adrian Mannarino (32) and is in the semi-finals against Jannik Sinner (19 / Italy) on Saturday (7 p.m., live).

But the way there was madness, hard to beat in terms of tension. Zverev already served in the second set to win the match. But then his nerves played a trick on him: 5: 4 instead of 6: 3, a little later it was 5: 5. A hard piece of work.

The physiotherapist has to treat Alexander Zverev’s hipPhoto: dpa

And suddenly the moment of shock! With a score of 6: 5, Zverev let the physiotherapist treat him. The hip was causing problems. It hit him in the body when he stepped forward. Limping slightly, he had to hit the tie break and lost it.

Zverev: “It was such a burning feeling. I hope the next match will be better. I was definitely more careful in the third sentence. “

Play away, set away, hip chipped!

Alexander Zverev is practically the defending champion in Cologne, already winning the first tournament last Sunday in the same place

Alexander Zverev is practically defending champion in Cologne, already winning the first tournament last Sunday in the same placePhoto: dpa

The winner of the first tournament in Cologne no longer ran smoothly, the injury visibly bothered him. Zverev: “I thought about giving up, but I didn’t want to. I must have a broken leg. “

So he fought his way through, got the decisive break in the decisive round – unbelievable! “I don’t like it when you don’t finish. I’m not a fan of getting treatment on the pitch either. I always want to hold out until the end. “

But Zverev, it wasn’t just bad luck with injuries. It was also a great gesture when he awarded his opponent a point in the first game of the second set that the referee originally saw differently.

So now Sinner is waiting. Caution is advised, because the talent knocked out the number 7 in the world at the French Open in the second round. Zverev loosely: “But this time I don’t have a cold …” Let’s hope that the hip will show solidarity!


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