Air France launches “Ready to fly”, a service that allows you to check travel documents in advance

This new service, deployed against the backdrop of the Covid-19 pandemic, makes it possible to ensure a few days in advance that no flight or health document is missing.

Limit boarding times and the drama of not being able to get on your plane because of a missing document.“This is the mission of”Ready to Fly», Service set up this Saturday July 17 by Air France for all flights from Paris to Corsica and overseas. Optional and free, it makes it possible to ensure a few days before departure that the passenger has all the flight and health documents necessary to get on board, explains to the Figaro Guy Zacklad, Director of the Charles de Gaulle Hub and Ground Operations.

If all the lights are green, it receives a “Ready to fly»On his boarding pass, which allows him to exempt himself from the usual checks on the day of departure. Otherwise, he is warned in advance that documents are missing, and thus send them or have them checked at the airport.

The multiplication of checks caused by the Covid pandemic has resulted in an increase in boarding time by 50%. This was not visible for a long time due to the drop in traffic, but we knew that solutions had to be found for the recovery.», Details Guy Zacklad. Thus, after several months of reflection and testing, Air France launched this new service. The operation is simple. Three days before take-off, all customers who have entered their email address receive an email containing a link to a platform. The latter varies according to the destination and the nationality of the traveler. Above, the passenger can see and send all the documents necessary to go to the country of destination. A check is then made by Air France or equivalent agents.

A service soon to be generalized

Reassuring security for customers, comments Guy Zacklad, who recalls that “every day, passengers cannot board their plane because of missing papers. It is obviously extraordinarily frustrating not to be able to leave.“An Air France spokesperson abounds:”Greece, for example, requires tourists to register on a site 24 hours before departure. Once done, she sends a QR code that must be shown when boarding. Many did not know it at first and found themselves stranded.

Tested since June 15, “Ready to Fly” has already convinced 5,000 passengers: “not all use it but for those who have doubts it is a real security», Welcomes Guy Zacklad. The service “will very quickly be generalized»Internationally, explains the director of the Charles de Gaulle Hub, without giving a date for the moment.


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