After long months of closure, nightclubs are finally reopening their doors this Friday

A minority of professionals should, however, resume the activity as of today. The strict sanitary protocol should deter more than one.

After a long absence, a central actor of the night is preparing to finally resume his activity. This Friday, as planned, nightclubs will be able to welcome revelers again. The night will see the day again, according to the expression of actors in the sector, but under conditions.

Published in the official journal this morning, a decree coming into effect immediately confirms the return of nightclubs. However, the latter will have to respect several constraints, including a gauge established at “75% of the reception capacity», Indoors, as well as a health pass, from 50 customers welcomed. As a reminder, the latter can be validated by a client either thanks to a complete vaccination schedule, or thanks to an antigen test or negative RT-PCR of less than 48 hours. In return, wearing a mask is not compulsory inside the establishment and dancing is permitted.

Note, at the same time, a decree states that “the reopening of nightclubs and party venues makes it useful to use rapid antigenic nasopharyngeal diagnostic orientation tests at the entrance to these venues when they are subject to the health pass»: Tests could therefore be carried out in front of some of these establishments, if the operator so wishes. In this case, they will be “covered by Medicare“.

This last point was proposed by professionals in the sector, and was the subject of bitter discussions. According to our information, last Friday, during a videoconference meeting, the Ministry of Health “had a stupid trick“, According to a participant, believing that these tests should not be reimbursed by Medicare.

This turnaround has aroused the annoyance of professionals. “They will be borne by the operator, at 25 euros per test. Do you see a young person paying 25 euros, in addition to the price of entry and drinks?», Blurted out, angrily, a representative of the profession at the Figaro, Friday. On Monday, the executive did an about-face, thanks to the intermediary of Bercy, and in particular the office of the Minister in charge of SMEs, Alain Griset: the tests will therefore be well reimbursed.

A half-hearted recovery

For nightclubs, the return promises to be difficult. First, professionals know they are expected at the turn: if multiple contaminations emerge from the evenings, new restrictions or even closure will be on the table. However, the latest news from abroad is worrying. In Spain, Catalonia has tightened its rules this week, in the face of the multiplication of cases: discos and other places of night entertainment in closed spaces will close again.

In the Netherlands, dozens of customers attending a nightclub party were infected, despite the obligation to present a health pass at the entrance. “The health pass is not infallible“, Warns the Union of discos and places of leisure (SNDLL), in a blog note. “This event is in any case a real call to order for nightclubs in France.», We read.

For its part, the executive wants to be reassuring, believing that the established rules make it possible to limit the risks as much as possible. There will be “a lot of control“, To ensure that”the gauge is respected“And”the well-requested health pass“, Warned government spokesman Gabriel Attal yesterday.

A minority of establishments should reopen

In addition, only a limited number of nightclubs will raise the curtain, warn multiple representative organizations interviewed by us: the rules established are too restrictive to allow profitable and peaceful operation, and the health pass, in particular, risk of dissuading young people who remain, for the time being, less vaccinated than the rest of the population. Customers are therefore likely to be fewer, while the rules are cumbersome and the health situation is worrying: a cocktail that darkens the summer outlook for the night sector.

The SNDLL also fears that unfair competition will emerge from bars and restaurants, where the rules are less strict. The union therefore announced that it intended to file a summary appeal with the Council of State, in order to “denounce this situation“. The party will therefore be able to resume, and the night will see day again, but the outlook remains bleak.


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