Adele brings the circus into the new MV

Adele sings in the dark space, surrounded by many acrobats, contortions, horses, pythons in the MV “Oh My God”, released on January 13.

The video is shot in black and white like most of the female singer’s products. Sheet Bustle evaluate Oh My God A collection of beautiful, inexplicable images. The crew arranged many props seats, one of which caught fire at the last minute. Many fans speculate this image is connected with Rolling in the Deep, when a fire broke out in the MV. Simon Konecki, director Rolling in the Deep, is also the performer Oh My God.

“Oh My God” reached 6.5 million views on Youtube after 11 hours of release. Video: Youtube Adele

Sheet Pinkfork think that the image of a burning chair implies that Adele has completely come out of her heartbreak, ready to accept new experiences. Some fans guessed that Adele’s eating of an apple at the end of the MV was inspired by a fairy tale, when Snow White found love thanks to an apple.

The photo of Adele revealing the image in the MV Oh My God received 5.5 million likes on Instagram on January 9.  Photo: Instagram Adele

The photo of Adele revealing the look in the MV “Oh My God” received 5.5 million likes on Instagram on 9/1. Photo: Instagram Adele

The song with an R&B, catchy dance vibe, is the fifth track on the 30th album – written by her after breaking up with her husband – Simon Konecki. Adele advises music listeners to enjoy the album in order to understand her emotional circuitry. Fourth song – Cry Your Heart Out – talk about painful feelings in love. Oh My God have more cheerful melodies and lyrics. Adele sings: “I know it’s wrong. But I just want to have fun.”

Above Vogue US In the October issue of last year, Adele explained her divorce from Simon Konecki because she wanted to pursue true happiness. She said: “At that time, I was superficial and unhappy. Neither of us did anything wrong or hurt each other. I just wanted my son to see that I was really in love and loved. That was very important to me. Since the divorce, I am on a journey to find true happiness.” She writes albums 30 for boys to better understand their parents’ decisions.

Adele - MV "Easy on me"

The first MV in the album “30”, “Easy on Me” released in October 2021, talks about Adele’s psychological trauma. Video: Youtube Adele

Adele born in 1988 is a famous British singer. She has won 15 Grammy Awards and sold more than 120 million records. Released by Adele 21 January 24, 2011 in Europe before launching in North America about a month later. Album following the first music product19 (2008), which helped her win the Grammy “Best New Artist”.

Now, 21 still holds the record of the best-selling album of the 21st century with sales of about 31 million copies, according to a report by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry. Songs like Rolling In The Deep, Set Fire to the Rain, Someone like You was warmly received by the world audience, breaking many records in terms of sales and views at that time. The album topped more than 30 markets, staying at number one in the UK for 13 weeks and 14 weeks in the US.

In 2015, she continued to release the album 25, sold three million copies worldwide in its first week, becoming the best-selling album of the year. With this product, Adele received “Album of the Year”, “Pop Album of the Year” and three separate awards for the song. Hello at the 2017 Grammy Awards.

In the last six years, Adele has not released a new album, to spend time recovering from a laryngeal injury and taking care of her son. Last October, she posted a photo with her boyfriend Rich Paul for the first time on Instagram, on the occasion of the two attending a friend’s wedding in Los Angeles, USA.

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