Adam Levine – from the star who loves his wife to the one accused of cheating

Before revealing messages to flirt with many girls, Adam Levine once praised his wife “the most wonderful in the world”, saying that he gave up his promiscuous habits because of her.

Adam Levine became the focus of the media in mid-September after a series of girls accused them of flirting with them when he was married to Behati Prinsloo. Initiated by model Sumner Stroh, she said she had an affair with Adam Levine for more than a year. She took text messages with the singer as proof, and sent a message to the other girls: “If anyone has ever been through this with him… I think they should make it public. I feel really. horrible to his wife, no one deserves this.”

Adam Levine with his wife – supermodel Behati Prinsloo. Image: AP

After Sumner Stroh, three other women said Adam Levine flirted with them. Two people named Maryka and Alyson Rose Screenshot of the singer’s message. Levine’s former yoga teacher – Alanna Zabel – said he sent her provocative messages, saying he wanted to get naked with her.

Adam Levine became a laughing stock, being ridiculed on Instagram and Twitter because he often showed off his love for his wife before. In China, the fact that he was accused of being promiscuous was at the top of the search terms on the Weibo social network. The majority said they did not accept the famous singer’s actions, expressing sympathy with his wife.

Singer writes on Instagram September 20: “I’m not having an affair, however, I crossed the line once in my life unfortunately. I’ve resolved that issue and proactively took steps to heal my family.. . My wife and family are all I care about… I will never do that again. I take full responsibility. We will get through this together.”

Adam Levine's House

Adam Levine and his wife on a $32 million farm. Video: AD

Before that, Adam Levine was admired by his 10-year love affair with former Victoria’s Secret angel – Behati Prinsloo. The two have been together since May 2012, after Adam Levine ended his relationship with model Anne Vyalitsyna. In the past, he dated many beauties like Jessica Simpson, Cameron Diaz, Angela Bellotte. The singer admitted that he was promiscuous because he loved women too much, but changed since being with Behati.

The two broke up in May 2013 and reunited after two months. The singer’s relatives at that time revealed to Us Weekly: “After the breakup, he couldn’t stop thinking about Behati. Adam realized he really loved and wanted to be with her.”

A year later, Adam Levine was engaged to his girlfriend. On the show Live! With Kelly & Michael, He said he felt nervous and nervous in the moment he knelt to propose to her. The male singer repeatedly praised Behati as “the most wonderful person in the world”. They got married in July 2014 in Mexico, honeymooned in South Africa. After the wedding, Adam said his relationship with his wife has not changed, but he feels more manly when he is with her.

They welcomed two daughters Dusty Rose and Gio Grace in 2016 and 2018. When Prinsloo turned 30 in May 2018, Adam Levine wrote on Instagram: “In just a few years, we fell in love more than anyone. Every morning I wake up and thank life for everything that wasn’t a dream.”

After giving birth to her second child, the model said that her husband is a family man, preferring to stay at home with his wife and children. The two plan to have more children. Behati once appeared with her daughter Dusty Rose in Adam Levine’s MV praising women – Girls like you.

Marron 5 - Girls Like You

MV “Girls like you” by Maroon 5. Video: YouTube Maroon 5

In early September, the former lingerie angel confirmed that she was pregnant with a third child. However, just two weeks later, her husband’s scandal hit. Follow People, Behati Prinsloo sad but decided to forgive to preserve the marriage. Adam Levine also committed to her to change. On September 22, in the midst of the noise, Behati Prinsloo held her husband’s hand, walked around the Santa Barbara neighborhood, California, implicitly showing his support.

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