Actor Tung Duong: ‘I wish to reduce pain every day’

Actor Tung Duong lived in the scene of a “rooster raising a child”, treating many diseases such as heart failure, neurasthenia, blood pressure at the age of 53.

After a 10-day hospitalization for heart disease, he announced his retirement from April, causing many viewers to regret. The last movie he acted in was Judge prequel, the role of Dong “Cao Ngao”, 2018. On this occasion, the male artist confided about his work and single life.

– Why did you stop acting after more than 20 years of working?

– My health has been deteriorating day by day. Half a month ago, I had a heart attack, my blood pressure increased, and had to go to the emergency room for treatment. I was born with a congenital disease, had cardiomyopathy, just discovered 5 years ago. Before that, because of unknown illness, I worked frantically, bad influence. Recently, I have additional ventricular systolic disease, heart palpitations, skipping rhythm. I am currently being sent home by the doctor for outpatient treatment. If it doesn’t respond to medication, I have to have surgery.

I also have high blood pressure, nervous breakdown, insomnia. Two years ago, when I was hospitalized in the emergency room for neurotoxicity, the doctor diagnosed me with severe depression. Now I’m tired, short of breath, chest pain, headache, can only sleep a few hours. Many days, seeing my hands bruised because of continuous injections and infusions of drugs, I just wish not to be tormented by disease, less pain, to have a full sleep every day. I am aware that health is the most precious thing that needs to be preserved and cherished. With my current fitness, I can’t keep up with the intensity of working in the film crews, so I decided to retire. I miss my job but I don’t regret it too much. Participating in more than 80 films, playing all kinds of big and small roles, I think that even though I have not stood at the peak of glory, I have left a mark in the hearts of the audience.

Actor Tung Duong at the cardiovascular department, Thanh Nhan Hospital on March 31. Image: Characters provided

– What is your economic pressure when you leave the screen?

– I write scripts, income is not too high but enough to live on. My last drama that aired was Stealth, broadcast late last year. I have two daughters with my third wife. After the separation, one child lived with me, the other child lived with her mother. The father and son lived a simple life without many needs. I just need enough money to take care of my children’s education, medical treatment and day-to-day living. I used to have a sitcom production company, training young actors, but now I’m retired to rest.

Before, I aspired to get rich, many times had business and then failed, bankrupt, in debt. Now I realize that I am not suitable for business, no longer intend to start a business. I learned to be content with life, no longer ambitious. Happy hour for me is living a healthy, normal life. During this time, I have to completely put aside work to avoid stress.

– What difficulties do you face when you become a single father due to illness?

– My child is only 12 years old, when his father is in the hospital, he comes to play for a while every day. I take care of myself, order rice at the canteen. Children at home can cook simple dishes or order food through the app. I’m still young, and my generation is different, so I don’t have much to talk to my dad about. Each father and son live in their own world, rarely talking. Of course, when parents break up, children suffer more than us. I try to take care of my child in my ability, without regretting, blaming myself, making the condition worse.

– How do you keep your relationship with your ex-wife – Trang Nhung?

– We haven’t seen each other since our divorce two years ago. I still bring my children over to every family gathering, but there is nothing to discuss with her mother. When everyone goes their separate ways, women always suffer more. So I never spoke ill of my ex-wife. I think everyone needs some time before the relationship returns to normal, seeing each other as friends.

Previously, my second wife and I – Hoa Thuy – also talked little after breaking up. Away from each other, both of them came to new people, so they limited each other, afraid of affecting the other’s private life. Now we are both single, so we freely talk and discuss about life and work. When I was hospitalized, Thuy also took our daughter, Thien Nga, to visit her father.

Actor Tung Duong with ex-wife Hoa Thuy, daughter of Thien Nga in the hospital.  Photo: Character provided

Actor Tung Duong with ex-wife Hoa Thuy (right), daughter Thien Nga in the hospital. Image: Characters provided

– What do you think about finding new love?

– I don’t think about love anymore. I am sick, if I love someone, I will only make them suffer and have to take care of them. But maybe in the future, my health will be better, I will meet someone with the right mind. It’s a matter of fate, I don’t want to say it first.

Now I am happy because I have many brothers and friends by my side to encourage me. Even many strangers sent me wishes for a speedy recovery, giving me some consolation. On my personal page, I often share photos and filmmaking memories on my personal page to reminisce with colleagues and the audience. The rest of the time, I feel at peace when listening to preaching, explaining to God. I am still the middle-aged guy who failed all the time, but calmly accepted my fate, no more negative thoughts. If I close my eyes and give up, I also feel reassured because I have lived a life full of “happiness, anger, love, oh”.

Tung Duong in the movie "Underground circuit in border areas"

Tung Duong in the movie “Underground circuit in the border area”. Video: VTV

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