Actor Truong Tam Phong passed away at the age of 99

Thuong Phong, who played Truong Tam Phong in “Ỷ Thien Do Long Ky” 1994, died at the age of 99.

Above Ettoday On February 9, Thuong Thanh, the daughter of Thuong Phong, said that the artist died on February 6 due to old age and weakness. “Father died while sleeping, but the incident was too sudden for me. During his lifetime, my father said that he wanted a private funeral, we will see him off according to his will,” Thuong Thanh said.

Thuong Phong has two children, a boy and a girl. His wife – Mrs. Truong Dao – passed away last year.

Actor Chang Feng. Photo: Ettoday

The artist was born in 1923, used to work in a bank. He joined the entertainment industry in the early 1950s, being a veteran Taiwanese actor. Chang Feng won the “Best Actor” Golden Horse Award in 1976 with Fragrant flowers and poisonous grass. At Golden Horse 2008, the artist was awarded “Lifetime Achievement”.

Actor Truong Tam Phong passed away at the age of 99

Thuong Phong (wearing a black hat) in “Ỷ Thien Do Long Ky” 1994. Video: Bilibili

Thuong Phong plays many famous TV series, including the role of master Truong Tam Phong in Ỷ Heavenly Do Long Ky 1994, cooperation Chau Hai My, Ma Canh Dao. He also participated Bao Thanh Thien 1993, Jiang Ho reunites, Seven Hiep Five Meanings… The last movie he acted in was Teacher Gangstar (2014).

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