Actor ‘Phuong The Ngoc’ donated his property before his death

TaiwanThe late actor Tran Tung Dung, famous for the movie “Phuong The Ngoc”, donated his property to charity.

Follow AppledailyTran Tung Dung’s funeral was held on the morning of December 28 in Taipei. Many artists such as Khang Khai, Quach Kien Hoanh, Giang To Binh, Ngo Man… sent Tran Tung Dung to his resting place. Director Ngo Niem Chan was commissioned by two younger brothers of Tran Tung Dung to speak at the ceremony.

Funeral of Tran Tung Dung. He lost his marriage on December 17 because of illness. Photo: Appledaily

Ngo Niem Chan said that during his lifetime, Tran Tung Dung hated that other people used verbose and patterned words. So he tried to be brief. Ngo Niem Chan’s eulogy reads: “Today is cold, but still many people come to see Tran Tung Dung off, that is his first blessing. He chose film career, met many noble people, since then no longer worried. money, rice, money, that’s the second blessing. He is frank, frank, he’s not happy without alcohol. Life expectancy is 80, that’s the third blessing. At the end of his life, he had many illnesses, but Yule took care of him like a relative. so that he does not have to suffer loneliness, that is the fourth blessing.

Yule, an Indonesian maid, took care of Tran Tung Dung at the end of his life.  Photo: Mirrormedia

Yule, an Indonesian maid, took care of Tran Tung Dung at the end of his life. Photo: Mirrormedia

Ngo Niem Chan said that Tran Tung Dung still has shortcomings, for example, due to his outspoken personality and heartless words that have hurt others, he hopes everyone will smile to clear away friction and hatred, to Tran Tung Dung is gone without any problems or burdens. Ngo Niem Chan added: “His life was favored by society, he was helped by nobles, but the return was not enough, that is the second lack. The family respected his advice before his death, in addition to giving back. Yule, he donates his property to charities as a reward. Although reincarnation is a natural thing, we can’t bear to leave our loved ones. He lives an unruly but respectful life.”

Yule at Tran Tung Dung's funeral.  Photo: Ettoday

Yule at Tran Tung Dung’s funeral. Photo: Ettoday

At the end of the funeral, relatives of Tran Tung Dung and Yule bowed their heads to thank those who saw off the actor. Follow UDNYule, who signed a contract to help Tran Tung Dung until November 2022, is still at the actor’s house. She has not yet decided to return to her hometown in Indonesia or work for her new landlord. Mr. Tran, a friend of Tran Tung Dung, said that he was discussing with Yule, if she wanted to stay in Taiwan, he would help find a kind host. The late artist is not married, has no children. Yule took care of him for more than 10 years.

Tran Tung Dung was born in a gangster family in Taiwan, wandering for a living since the age of 15, associating with gangs. In his youth, he had to live in hiding from the police. After abandoning the underworld, he applied to work in a number of film crews, and since then have been noticed by directors because of his dusty appearance. In the early 1970s, Tran Tung Dung played small roles in a number of action films.

Tran Tung Dung in "Phuong The Ngoc"

Tran Tung Dung and Ly Lien Kiet in “Phuong The Ngoc”. Video: Golden Harvest

In 1989, director Hau Hieu Hien was looking for someone who was knowledgeable about the black society to play A City of Sadness (Urban love), Tran Tung Dung was chosen to star with Luong Trieu Vy. The role of old man Lam Van Hung in the work brought Tran Tung Dung the title Best Actor 1989 Golden Horse Award. Next, Tran Tung Dung participated in many Hong Kong films such as Phuong The Ngoc (1993), co-starring Jet Li, Black Metal (starring with Luu Duc Hoa, Luong Gia Huy), Windy Prison 2 (starring with Chow Yun Fat)… Since 2000, he has rarely acted in films due to poor health.

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