Actor of TVB’s ‘Arrogant Gypsy’ passes away

Shen Wei, who played a medical doctor in TVB’s “Tearful Gypsy”, has died at the age of 71.

Follow HK01 On June 11, the artist died at a hospital in Hong Kong on June 9. In the last years of his life, his health was not good, suffering from diseases such as pneumonia, acute respiratory distress syndrome. Tham Uy’s funeral will be handled by Banyan – a charity aimed at lonely elderly people.

Shaping Shen Wei in movies. Image: HK01

Shen Uy is a familiar actor of the Hong Kong screen, nicknamed “The Greatest Man” because he often plays villains. He joined the film industry in 1970, participating in a series of famous works such as Royal High Priestess, War Police, Police Story 3, Supreme Reverend, Nghia Van Thien… In the movie segment, Shen Uy won Best Supporting Actor Golden Statue Award, with film War of the Warriors (1984).

Actor of TVB's 'Arrogant Gypsy' passes away

Binh Nhat only caught the disease for Nham Doanh Doanh in “Tieu arrogant Gypsy”. Video: TVB

In the 1990s, Shen Wei participated in many TVB dramas. In the version Swordsman 1996, the artist plays Binh Nhat Chi – who is called a famous murderer because he always asks to save a person and kill another person. Shen Wei also played Saber Ma Dan 1995, Bao Thanh Thien 1995, New Bund of Shanghai 1996, Justice Records 3… His last film was Layout – Filmed in 2017, broadcast in 2021.

Shen Wei experienced a marriage and had a daughter. Follow AppledailySince the divorce, he lives alone, rarely seeing children. At the end of his life, he became ill, his daughter faced economic pressure, so the money for Shen Wei’s surgery and treatment was mainly donated by friends.

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