According to the drinking saying: That’s why Glasner has to drink himself Eintracht nicely

Two weeks ago the sensational victory in Munich, now Frankfurt is stumbling again. After the 1: 2 against Hertha, the first home defeat in 16 months, Eintracht coach Oliver Glasner (47) is disillusioned.

His failure analysis relentlessly. When he first listened to it, his answers were ironic and humorous – but behind them a hint of disillusionment. The Rumpel-Eintracht occurs on the spot. And the Austrian quipped: “Maybe I can put one behind the bandage today … and I’ll think of something.”

That’s why Glasner still has to drink his unity!

It becomes critical against all opponents who withdraw and interfere early in midfield.

Hertha was invited to counterattacks. Glasner: “We were far too prone to errors. Our wingers were way too high – every loss of the ball became a cross. And we had problems in the center – that’s how the first goal falls. “

Frankfurt’s game structure looked like this: Pass out. Pass to the opponent. Or a pass that gets the teammate into trouble. Even the experienced Hasebe, Hinteregger and Ndicka weakened.

When asked whether the change from a four-back to a three-way chain was the problem, Glasner responded with amusement: “It doesn’t matter what system we play in – it doesn’t matter if we don’t do our jobs! If we don’t have staggering, if you play around with five ball contacts between the six, the ball is gone in the Bundesliga. Whether with one or two sixes or five doesn’t give a shit! “

In other words: the quality of the players is more important than the system.

“Our game is too simple-minded”

Little went forward. The coach: “We just play for Kostic. That should flank, and then something will be created. It’s too simple-minded. You have to be very honest: we have a hard time playing against teams that are well organized and robust in defense. It’s not like we’re playing ten scoring chances. “

In the attack, Eintracht has lost the strength of the past. Striker Silva is gone. Super dribbler Younes suspended. Many did not understand that Glasner then left Kamada, the most dangerous midfielder, on the bench. After the break, there was at least a rebellion with the Japanese. Glasner admitted: “That was not enough of all of us. From me too. “


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