Absenteeism climbed in French companies in 2020

It stood at 5.04% in businesses, up from 4.18% in 2019.

Absenteeism increased in French companies in 2020, a year when stoppages (illness, childcare, vulnerable people) exploded due to Covid-19, according to a study published on Thursday. The absenteeism rate stood at 5.04% in companies, against 4.18% in 2019, according to figures released by the firm Gras Savoye Willis Tower Watson.

Male absenteeism (+ 23%) increased more in percentage than that of women (+ 17%) in 2020, but women still register a higher absenteeism rate (6.08% against 4.52%). All economic sectors are affected by the increase in absenteeism, with the exception of hotels, cafes and restaurants, which were closed for a long time in 2020.

A trend that continues in 2021

“The 2021 trend confirms a lasting deterioration in absenteeism. The Covid and the subsequent confinements will most likely have long-term repercussions ”, anticipate the authors of the study. More than a third of employees at French companies (34.07%) were arrested in 2020, a jump of more than six percentage points from 2019.

To calculate absenteeism, the authors of the study based themselves on Social Security data and therefore took into account work stoppages of at least three days, in particular stoppages related to childcare and those made. by those most vulnerable to the coronavirus.

These derogatory stops fueled the increase in sick leave (+ 43% in 2020), while the share of ATMP stops (work accidents / occupational diseases) in the overall absenteeism rate remained stable. The study was carried out on a panel of more than 350,000 employees from nearly 700 companies.

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