About the FCS back into the national team – Saarbrücken warrior Perdedaj

If he is fit, he is always set for Saarbrücken trainer Lukas Kwasniok (39) …

In the past two games, Fanol Perdedaj (29) impressed – in Cologne as a right-back and against Wiesbaden in the central midfield.

And on Tuesday (7 p.m.) he will play again from the beginning in the Munich Olympic Stadium against Türkgücü Munich.

Fanol Perdedaj (r.) In 2014 in a duel with the Turkish Olcay Sahan. Kosovo lost 1: 6Photo: AP / dpa

After a muscular injury, the Kosovar is getting better and better – will he now even make a comeback in the national team of his home country thanks to strong performances at FCS?

Perdedaj made seven games, his last brief appearance was in 2018 in a 3-0 win against Albania. Even before Saarbrücken’s promotion he said: “In the third division I can recommend myself more for the national team.”

Now Perdedaj says very modestly: “At the moment I am concentrating entirely on Saarbrücken. Now I’m trying to play as many games as possible and stay healthy. If you then get in touch, then it’s okay. “

The national team as a long-term goal, Munich as the next step.

For Kwasniok, the newcomer is a very difficult chunk: “They have a very good mix, who, like us, have different players.”

Lukas Kwasniok wants to get the next three points in Munich on Tuesday and maintain the top

Lukas Kwasniok wants to get the next three points in Munich on Tuesday and maintain the topPhoto: picture alliance / photo booth

Kwasniok mainly means top striker Petar Sliskovic (8 goals) and top preparer Sercan Sararer (3 goals / 7 assists).

Kwasniok: “That of course makes your game somewhat dependent on the two of them, but the others are absolutely willing to go the way for the two of them and make their strength available.”

It would be good if things went the same way at FCS …


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