A Loire company condemned after the suicide of one of its executives

The prosecution had criticized the company for “the failure to take into account psychosocial risks in the single document for the assessment of occupational risks”.

Brocéliande salting, a Perreux (Loire) company, was fined Monday to 20,000 euros by the Roanne Criminal Court following the suicide of one of its executives on the company’s premises in 2013.

Found guilty of manslaughter by a legal person in the context of work, the company, a subsidiary of the cooperative agricultural pork production group Cooperl Arc Atlantique, “will not appeal“Of the judgment, his lawyer, Me Frédéric Belot, told AFP on Tuesday.

Me Marie-Harmony Belloni, lawyer for the victim’s family, civil party, is satisfied that the court has “recognized the causal link between suicide and the recklessness and shortcomings of the company, which had not made sufficient resources available to its employee»To ensure all the missions entrusted to it.

“Lack of consideration of psychosocial risks”

The 51-year-old maintenance executive killed himself by hanging on the premises of the company which employs around 40 people in the north of the Loire the day before a planned audit by group. A criminal investigation and prosecution had been initiated against the company following a report made by the labor inspectorate to the Roanne prosecutor’s office.

In its requisitions, the prosecution reproached the company, during the hearing on March 29, “the lack of consideration of psychosocial risks in the single occupational risk assessment document“. He also felt that she left the employee “over-investing in work, without taking measures to preserve one’s health“.


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