A doctor becomes goalkeeping coach – Gladbach’s new coach is younger than Nagelsmann

The vita of Gladbach’s new goalkeeping coach sounds like he has already spent several lives in the football business …

But Fabian Otte is actually only 30 – and thus younger than the new Bayern coach Julian Nagelsmann (33) and his future students Yann Sommer (32) and Tobias Sippel (33)!

The successor of Steffen Krebs (37 / changes to Stuttgart) was an amateur with Preußen Münster and Sportfreunde Lotte before he gained experience in the USA, New Zealand, England and the Netherlands.

At 27 he was already a goalkeeping coach – with a similarly wild career: He started with the New Zealand women’s national team, went to Hoffenheim and then to Burnley FC in the Premier League, where he currently has Nick Pope (27), who is coveted across Europe Has.

As a globetrotter, Otte, who “sidelined” still loves him Doctor in Psychology and exercise science made, Lutz Pfannenstiel (47) after: Fortuna’s ex-manager was the only professional active on all continents.

Otte (devoured Pfannenstiel’s book “My adventures as globetrotters” several times): “I want to bring the mix of theory and practice to the field. We should never close ourselves off from new knowledge. The age does not matter.”


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