A dinner, 5 presidents, the same look… A photo that says a lot

You can read the political programs and professions of faith. We may prefer to look at the pictures. Take the photo tweeted last night by Republican President Christian Jacob. The quality of the image being average, you do not recognize the guests. The flonflon-guinguette atmosphere is nice, they are smiling and relaxed, but all dressed the same. You think this is an executive dinner at Rank Xerox.


The meal is not over. If there are no more plates, the knives are still there. They are waiting for the cheese. Unless the trust between them is not total … And then there are too many men for a family meal. As for the only woman present, she is dressed like them.

Little by little, you identify them. Eric Ciotti, Xavier Bertrand, Valérie Pécresse… Apart from the haircut, the president of the Ile-de-France region (1) has the same look as them.

Republican dinner seating plan

Do not give up an inch of tablecloth

No question of wearing a feminine outfit, she will not be the Ségolène Royal of the Primary on the right. And too bad if in Finland, Norway, Iceland, Germany … the political leaders dare the dress and the color. In France, to gain power, it is better to wear a suit. The elbow resting on the table, in a very ” I intend to impose myself », The heavyweight of the opposition intends to occupy his place at the table (and in Primary) and not give up an inch of tablecloth (and votes) to Philippe Juvin (10) and Eric Ciotti (9).

“She will not be the Ségolène Royal of the right-wing primary”. Here, a photo of the socialist primary candidate on October 9, 2011

Xavier Bertrand (8), who does not want to hear about Primary, also adopts a conquering attitude. But in another way: the president of the Hauts-de-France region holds the chair of his neighbor Ciotti. Behind him, we see the blue of a dress and the top of a female face. During his ascent, Bertrand did not think of moving away… It is difficult to know who this woman is (7).

In Nîmes, the right is trying to seal “a non-aggression pact”

As for Gérard Larcher (2), we do not know if he is having a good evening. The president of the Senate, who risks arbitrating the fights to come, is not looking on the bright side. Hope this is not a sign. Damien Abad (3) and Christian Jacob (4) look frankly happy. Bring together five contenders for the supreme office around a table: the two presidents (one from the LR group in the National Assembly, the other from the Republicans party) do not shy away from their pleasure. Note that Jacob wore a black tie, an accessory that goes in all cases, including bad ones.

Laurent, the accursed chosen one

In the background on the right Michel Barnier (6), also a candidate for Primary, has his hands one on top of the other, in the pose of a great sage, as if he were above the fight that was taking place. profile. In his gray suit and blue tie that smacks of the European Commission, he seems to recall that at the time of Brexit, he calmly stood up to the English cries.

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At his side, Laurent Wauquier (5) respected the dress code (dark jacket white shirt) but with his three-day beard which gives him a false air of Laurent Lafitte, the president of the Rhône-Alpes-Auvergne region seems to go. “They came, they are all there / Even those from the south of Italy / There is even Giorgio, the cursed son / She is going to die the Mamma” sang Aznavour. Wauquiez the accursed chosen one also came. Together, will they resuscitate the right?

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