A bang – then nothing worked! – Sound breakdown in the BVB stadium

That’s never happened before.

Dortmund’s cult stadium announcer Norbert Dickel (59) could no longer be heard because the technology had meanwhile given up.

Two noises reminiscent of gun explosions caused the stadium to wince in the meantime during Dortmund’s semifinals against Kiel. The supposed detonations – also heard on TV – were a short circuit in the stadium technology.

Sound breakdown in the BVB stadium.

The short circuits happened shortly after the game started and in the 26th minute. It was even considered equipping Dickel with a megaphone so that he could make his announcement for the 100 or so participants from the coaching and supervisory staff. Dickel declined with thanks. At the end of the second half the technical error was fixed. The game with a 5-0 intermediate result has long been decided.

Dickel on the sound glitch about BILD: “We had technical difficulties. I can’t remember having experienced something like this before. “With a smile, he pushed after:” But it’s still going pretty well. “


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