A 34 m² for sale 14,000 € per m² in a small Norman seaside town

A home for sale over 14,000 euros per m²? We are necessarily in Paris. Missed! A clue? By the sea. In Biarritz? No, in Normandy. Deauville then? No more. If this property is neither in a metropolis, nor in a large seaside resort, where is it hiding? In Villers-sur-Mer, in Calvados (14). Less known than its “big sister” in Deauville, this small town of barely 4000 inhabitants (see map below) at least has the merit of being located by the sea. This is why its population frequently increases tenfold in summer. And this was already the case before the Covid.

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The crisis has only accentuated the enthusiasm for these small seaside towns. This is one of the lessons of the past 15 months: the Covid has reshuffled the cards of the real estate market. Of course, the traditional Biarritz, Deauville, Arcachon or Cap d’Agde retain control over second homes by the sea, but small towns and even villages are starting to join forces. And real estate prices can also soar in these regions close to Paris (less than 2 hours by car). Even if, for the moment, these homes sold at Parisian rates remain rare. Hence their prices! “It is an exceptionally rare property for sale ”, can we also read on the announcement of the apartment in Villers-sur-Mer.

Skimpy apartment with sea view

And yet, it is not a house, very popular at the moment by the French. But an apartment of only 34 m² (33.96 m² Carrez law) for sale for 477,000 euros! “In perfect condition», This property installed on the top floor (this is why it is only 33.96 m² in Carrez law – floor space reduced by areas with a ceiling height of less than 1.8 m such as attics, doorways , thicknesses of walls and partitions, stairwells … – and 44 m² in living space) camped in a “superb villa “,” with a terrace on the sea, direct access to the beach“. So many criteria that will make you forget the smallness of the accommodation? To have. Because living in a cramped apartment with a sea view is still a big dilemma! Especially when the weather is not to put a dog outside. We then remember bad memories of the months when we were confined in our small apartment. And we say to ourselves that we did not put our suitcases in the sea to buy another one.

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To buy larger, head further west. In Brittany more precisely where a small town of about 10,000 inhabitants, well known to foreign tourists, is still very popular. It’s Dinard (35), near Saint-Malo (see below). Real estate prices are feeling this. Here too, they can easily exceed 10,000 euros per m². This is the case of a 123 m², “facing the beach of the lock, completely renovated” sold for more than 1.4 million euros.

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Further south of the region (see below), prices can also make you dizzy when you say the word “sea”. “In a secure luxury residence», A 165 m² is for sale for more than 1.7 million euros, in Carnac, a small town in Morbihan where real estate advertisements are on the increase and second homes are commonplace (71%). More unexpectedly, a 2-room apartment of 47 m² in Vannes, “overlooking the port», Is on the market for 561,600 euros! But there again it will be necessary to tighten.

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