96 coach Dabrowski calls for the Werder game – “Squeeze everything out, then onto the sofa”

You can only get more of a dream start with a win against his “old love”.

HSV beaten, won in Ingolstadt, Christoph Dabrowski (43) – wins with the professionals.

The previous U23 coach is facing his final promotion. This should also be officially announced after the annual final against Werder (Sunday, 1.30 p.m.).

Dabro doesn’t really worry about that: “The situation is now clear to everyone. I don’t think it’ll take the club ten more days to decide which coach will prepare the team for the new year. It won’t take forever – and everyone will know how to proceed. “

Almost certainly with Dabro.

Before that, it’s against his ex-club. At Werder, Dabro played U19, U23 and became a professional – with winning the cup in 1999 as the highlight.

“Werder is a great club,” explains Dabrowski. “Despite all the solidarity, Sunday is about the fight and that we keep the points.”

After two wins at the start, he demands: “We have to squeeze everything out again to get the maximum out of it. After that we have enough break. Then we can sit on the sofa and put our feet up, I don’t care. “

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After the last game, the players get Christmas vacation – and Dabro gets his boss contract.


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