5G service can be launched in the country by August 15, PMO asks DoT to prepare

5G Services Launch: 5G telecom service can be started in the country before August 15 this year. In fact, the Department of Telecommunications has asked the telecom sector regulator TRAI to submit its recommendations on the prices of 5G spectrum to the government at the earliest. So that by August 15, 5G telecom service can be launched in the country.

5G service launch by 15th August!
According to media reports, the Prime Minister’s Office ie PMO has told the Department of Telecommunications that it is in favor of launching 5G telecom service in the country by August 15. The PMO has asked the Department of Telecommunications to work in this direction at the earliest as well as to get recommendations from TRAI regarding the prices of 5G spectrum by March 2022. This year in the budget also it has been said to launch 5G service in 2022-23. However, after the launch of 5G service, there is a possibility of a revolutionary change in the mobile world in the country.

Telecom companies tested 5G
India is moving fast in the direction of 5G technology. Testing of 5G technology has been done in India, which has been successful. The country’s telecom companies have done the most successful test of 5G network.

Internet speed will be 10 times faster than 5G
After the implementation of 5G in the whole country, the world of mobile telephony will change. When the speed of 4G internet is so great, then just imagine what will be the speed of internet after 5G. According to an estimate, the speed of 5G is 10 times more than 4G. It is believed that after the arrival of 5G, businesses will run themselves, automation will increase. So far, the things which are limited to big cities will reach the villages, which includes e-medicine, education sector, agriculture sector will get tremendous benefit. The launch of 5G service will give a new dimension to the digital revolution. At the same time, the technology of Internet of Things and Industrial IoT and Robotics will also advance. This will benefit the economy of the country. E-governance will expand.

After the arrival of 5G, the Indian economy will get stronger. E-commerce, health centers, shopkeepers, schools, colleges and even farmers will be able to take full advantage of this. The way everyone’s dependence on the Internet has increased during the Corona period. In view of that, after the arrival of 5G, it will help in making the life of every person better and simpler. 5G technology will open new avenues for healthcare, virtual reality, cloud gaming. The possibility of a driverless car will be fulfilled through this.

what is 5g network
The coming time is of the fifth generation i.e. 5G. It is much faster than 4G network. On 4G network where the average internet speed is 45 Mbps but on 5G network this speed will increase to 1000 Mbps. Due to which the world of internet will change completely. In common life, this would mean that 10 to 20 times faster data download speed than 4G. Where it takes six minutes to download a movie on a 4G network, it will take 20 seconds to download it on a 5G network. Machines will talk to each other on a 5G network.

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