“5G does not work if you wear flip-flops”: Xavier Niel turns anti-5G into ridicule

In a video, the founder of Free gently mocks conspiracy theories on the new generation of mobile telephony.

5G is responsible … for everything. To believe certain fanciful theories, not to say conspirators. Faced with the ability of some to tell anything, Xavier Niel, the boss of Free, decided to laugh. He posted this weekend a video on Twitter in which he says anything! It’s also a good way for this buzz pro to catch the limelight as Free could turn on 5G this week, or even, as early as December 15. It will be the fourth and last of the French operators to do so.

In the video, a voiceover questions Xavier Niel. “5G not working if you wear flip flops?“. The answer. “Absolutely, 5G does not work if you wear flip flops, because there is a Weber effect. 5G doesn’t work … because of the flip-flops.

The boss of Free takes up with his humor the codes of conspiracy theories, juxtaposing the true and the false, or using complex concepts to pretend to explain something. La, Xavier Niel refers to the “Weber effect”.

Who is Weber?

Weber, Ernst of his first name, is a German physiologist and anatomist, who worked in the 19th century (nothing to do with 5G). The Weber effect is, in short, the threshold from which a person perceives a difference between two objects. Initially, Weber had applied it to the weight between two objects, then by extension to other factors. In marketing, it is the price difference for the same product, the difference from which the consumer notices a difference. Suffice to say that at Free, the Weber effect is known.

Why flip flops?

We unfortunately do not have an answer to this question, while espadrilles would have the same effect, we learn on Twitter.

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