5 years of attachment of Ho Ngoc Ha – Kim Ly

Ha Ho’s husband – actor Kim Ly – always says he loves and compliments his beautiful wife for 5 years of being together.

On her personal page on June 28, the singer posted a photo of the first time she had a chance to cooperate in work with her husband with the message: “This day 5 years ago we stood kissing each other in the fake rain, this year it’s still pouring rain. calm down together. Thank you. With you, with children, I always have a home to return to.”

Kim Ly also expressed love for her partner: “Happy 5th anniversary, my love. Hope many more great things will come to our family. Love you”.

The artist and his wife celebrated their 5 years together with a vacation at a resort in Binh Duong. Image: Facebook Kim Ly

The star couple always give each other sweet words, side by side in building a family. That’s how the two built and kept their love in 5 years of attachment and two years of marriage. Kim Ly repeatedly expressed his love for his wife on his personal page. On Ho Ngoc Ha’s birthday last year, he wrote: “I am lucky to have you as my life partner. I love you endlessly”.

The two artists have a lot in common such as love for fashion, music, travel, discovering new things together. Sometimes, the artist and his wife “warm up” their love by going on separate trips, without children. In March, Ha Ho and Kim Ly went to London to relax. They explore famous places and local cuisine. The two also showed off romantic images, wearing matching outfits on their personal pages during the trip.

5 years of attachment of Ho Ngoc Ha - Kim Ly

Ho Ngoc Ha, Kim Ly hand in hand at the event on June 30, in Ho Chi Minh City. Image: Manh Phat

The two have been in love since 2017, when they acted in MV together A whole heaven of love. After romantic movies, they often accompany at events. Ha Ho once said that on Kim Ly’s side, she felt peaceful and could share everything. After three years together, they registered their marriage in early 2020, having twins: a boy and a girl.

In addition to romantic feelings, husband and wife Ho Ngoc Ha – Kim Ly give each other care, side by side in life and work.

Kim Ly said that Ho Ngoc Ha is famous and busy with work, but when she comes home, she becomes a true wife and mother, doing everything from cooking, cleaning, washing dishes and taking care of the children all day. . In return, the female singer appreciates her husband’s thoughtful and dedicated care for his wife and children. Ha Ho remembers the time she was pregnant, every time she went to check on the health of her mother and baby, Kim Ly also wanted to be taken away. “Once I evaded antenatal care alone, he was angry and didn’t talk for two days,” the singer said.

When going to events, touring, Kim Ly is always by her side to reassure her. “I love my husband very much because everyone thinks that maybe he is free, so he always accompanies his wife like that. No one knows that he has to sacrifice his own work. If he loves his wife, he will be sad and she will be sad if he goes alone. single”, the singer once said.

Ho Ngoc Ha, Kim Ly hand in hand at the event on June 30 in Ho Chi Minh City.  Photo: Manh Phat

Ho Ngoc Ha, Kim Ly hand in hand at the event on June 30, in Ho Chi Minh City. Image: Manh Phat

The children are the glue that binds the love of a star couple. They often share happy and peaceful moments with their parents, and organize many trips to each other’s hometowns to visit relatives.

At the end of December 2021, Kim Ly’s parents returned to Vietnam to visit their two grandchildren. On her personal page, Ha Ho showed off a picture of two spoons engraved with the names of two children given by her grandparents to Lisa and Leon for snacks. During three months of living with her parents-in-law in a private apartment in Ho Chi Minh City, the singer posted pictures of her children entwined with their grandparents. Both families read books together and play with their children. The singer also organizes many trips for the whole family such as going to Phu Quoc, Da Nang…

Ho Ngoc Ha and his wife often take their children to many places to be bolder and closer to nature. Baby Lisa is commented to inherit the beauty and tenderness of her mother, and Leon is considered a “copy” of Kim Ly. On her personal page, the singer always thanks her husband for teaching to love her stepson – Subeo. “Subeo cuddling with Kim Ly is a testament to his loving heart. And now every time I see the way he looks at Lisa and Leon cry, I know that my children are as lucky as having a father like him.” she wrote.

Ha Ho said that she and her partner had different views, but not because of that, the two argued. The difference drives her to be the best version of herself. According to Kim Ly, the important thing in conflict resolution is to always have dialogue with each other. “We also have a rule that we can’t keep that anger to bed. No matter how big a fight during the day, when I go to sleep I always hug and kiss her. It’s really a good thing for my life. a couple,” the actor said.

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