5 years ‘Despacito’ caused a fever in the music industry

“Despacito” is currently the second most viewed music video on YouTube, with 7.9 billion hits.

“Despacito” MV by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee. Video: Youtube Luis Fonsi

Celebrating the 5th anniversary of the song’s release, Luis Fonsi said in the newspaper Billboard: “Thanks to globalization, the development of the Internet, Despacito began the era of worldwide popular Latin music, highlighting the universality of language and rhythm. I believe Despacito is the catalyst for this change. I’m proud that the song opens a new door and makes non-Latin audiences flutter with this musical language.”

Follow Billboard, the song opened the era when Latin hits took over the international charts. Before Despacitoin 2016, four songs entered the Billboard Hot 100. After the song’s release, this number increased to 19 in 2017 and 21 in 2018. Last year, 26 songs achieved the above achievement, which includes Bad Bunny by Neverita.

Luis Fonsi sings 'Despacito' in Danang

Luis Fonsi sings “Despacito” in Danang in 2018. Video: Kokofest

English-speaking stars have since been more open to collaborating with Latin-based artists. Right after the collaboration of Justin Bieber and Luis Fonsi, Beyoncé sang with Willy William and J Balvin in Mi Gente, Cardi B, Bad Bunny, J Balvin also combine in I like it.

The success of Despacito also inspired many pop artists when exploiting Latin material. 20 years ago, Christina Aguilera released an album Mi Reflejo in Spanish, topping the Latin album chart on Billboard, but was called “cultural appropriation” by some viewers at the time. Now, as the world becomes “flatter”, many artists like Selana Gomez, Camila Cabello freely take advantage of Latin music, releasing albums entirely in Spanish.

Not only breaking the internet, Despacito contributed to changing the way the radio system viewed Latin music. Mike Chester, head of promotion for SB Projects radio station (USA), said that when the song was on the system, many technicians complained that the song was too much Spanish, and suggested that the English version be played. . However, he struggled to promote the record. “After Despacitono Spanish-language songs have dominated pop radio shows yet, but they’re still an important part of the ecosystem.”

Despacito - Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber, Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee sing the remix version of “Despacito” in English.

5 years ago, Despacito stirred up the music industry, becoming a phenomenon mainly thanks to the catchy melody. The 4/4 beat consists of strong and light beats alternating, combined with bass and Spanish-style guitar, attracting listeners. Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee’s lilting vocals, especially the way they press and release the word “Despacito” (Slow down). “The song came out at a time when audiences liked the perfect mix of pop, reggaeton and Latin melodies,” says Luis Fonsi. The original lyrics are the voice of the boy’s heart for the girl he loves, but few viewers care about this, because the song’s charm comes from the music.

When he heard the song in a bar in Colombia, Justin Bieber immediately became obsessed, offering to collaborate with Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee. A remix sung in English was later released, but did not reduce the appeal of the original song. Video Despacito hit one billion views in 97 days, two billion views in 150 days, pass Sorry by Justin Bieber, See You Againby Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth, Gangnam style by PSY… This is also the only Spanish-language song to win the number one spot on the US Billboard chart since the achievement of Macarena (Bayside Boys Mix) in 1996.

Daddy Yankee (left) and Luis Fonsi in the Despacito MV.  Photo: Universal Music Latin

Daddy Yankee (left) and Luis Fonsi in the music video “Despacito”. Image: Universal Music Latin

In 2017, MV Despacito pass See You Again, became the most viewed video on YouTube, with over 3 billion views. Although the “fever” has passed, the video has steadily increased in views, holding the top spot for three years, before being hit by a children’s song. Baby shark overcome. Journalist Leila Cobo’s Billboard wrote the book – Decoding “Despacito”: An Oral History of Latin Music – tell side stories when creating a piece of music, and at the same time explain the success of the work.

Active since the 1990s, but Luis Fonsi is only noticed when Despacito born. On the sheet Remezcla, he said he didn’t mind when later productions failed to surpass the aura of the hit. “Despacito always a part of my repertoire, I will always smile while singing it,” Luis Fonsi said.

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