5 weeks before the end of the season: Fortuna simply sits out Rösler’s decision

Does he stay? Is he not staying? Shrug of the shoulders and great silence from Fortuna! The bosses continue to take their time with the coach question, just sit out the decision – and in just 5 weeks the season will be over …

According to BILD information, a decision should actually be made this week. But then came the Corona cancellation of the game against Karlsruhe …

Uwe Rösler (52) on the current situation: “We said that we would make a decision as soon as possible – but without a specific date. There is no new stand. I don’t think that will be the case before the next game either. Then we’ll take the next week and see. But for me everything is the same. “

Means: There is still a big question mark behind the Rösler future – five weeks until the end of the season. Then his contract expires.

Rösler remains calm in public, but also emphasizes: “Sure, at some point everyone wants a decision. That’s why we talked ten days ago. But I also clearly understand Klaus Allofs’ point of view and the points he gave me about why he was still taking his time. And I respect that. I don’t put any pressure on. “

And what are those points? Rösler: “Klaus would like to assess the matter further – with a view to the next results. It’s also about how the players who come back influence the team and our style of play, e.g. Shinta Appelkamp and Emmanuel Iyoha, how they are integrated. “

Rösler pushes after: “Kenan Karaman is coming back. That will improve the quality of our squad. Klaus wants to continue to get an idea and I accept that. “

Rösler has been a Fortuna trainer for over a year. BILD thinks: That should actually be enough to form an opinion!


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