41:21 home win in the NFL! Dallas Cowboys pluck the Eagles

Definitely for the Dallas Cowboys!

In the hate duel against the Philadelphia Eagles, the Texans win at home 41:21. The mood was heated up beforehand by Eagles trainer Nick Sirianni, who wore a “Beat Dallas” shirt in training last week.

For the legendary Cowboys, the second win in their third game this season. The Eagles now have one win and two bankruptcies.

Dallas Cowboys pluck the Eagles

It starts with a dream start for the hosts.

Ezekiel Elliott runs a 1-yard run to touchdown. Additional point sits. 7: 0!

The Eagles then fly to compensate!

Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott loses the leather in his own end zone. Javon Hargrave knocks the egg out of his hand. Fletcher Cox takes it – touchdown! With extra points 7: 7.

Controversial scene towards the end of the first quarter: A huge bunch of offense and defense players pile up on the border of the end zone. The leather can no longer be seen. Unclear whether Dallas was in for the touchdown – or not!

The referees decide on: NO!

Dallas challenged the decision! The referees watch the scenes on TV for minutes. Back and forth! From above, left and right. Then the final decision: the NO!

It’s clear: The TV pictures cannot fully explain where the egg was exactly.

Then the cowboys tour again!

Prescott fires the leather to Dalton Schultz – touchdown! Kick inside – 14: 7!

And the wild cowboys ride continues!

Again Elliott, again touchdown, again extra kick in there. 20: 7!

The cowboys let it rip!

Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts throws – interception! Trevon Diggs intercepts the thing and races into the end zone. Touchdown! Plus extra point! 27: 7!

But the Eagles don’t give up!

Hurts on Zach Ertz – Touchdown! With an additional kick! Already it is “only” 27:14.

The cowboys keep plucking the eagles!

Dallas risks everything on the fourth try. Play instead of field goal. Great Prescott pass on Cedrick Wilson. Touchdown! Extra point! 34:14!

Bam! Bam! The cowboys keep going. Schultz with the touchdown. Plus kick – 41:14!

Result cosmetics of the Eagles. Touchdown by Greg Ward. With an extra point it’s 41:21. At Dallas only the second guard is on the field.


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