3rd league: Zwickau decrees itself a ghost game

For the home game on Saturday (2 p.m.) against Uerdingen, the Zwickau stadium will remain empty!

Because the corona numbers in West Saxony continue to rise, the district had issued a general decree. Accordingly, there should actually be 500 spectators. But the FSV prescribed itself a ghost game.

What’s behind it? FSV game operations manager Jörg Schade: “With almost 1,500 season tickets sold, we consider it extremely difficult or even impossible to find 500 visitors within 48 hours in a fair way, who we can enable them to visit.”

In addition, opening a stadium causes game day costs (security service, fire brigade, rescue service) in the five-digit range. Too bad: “Due to the daily changing arrangement, we as the organizer can no longer plan. In addition, we would violate our own approved hygiene concept with criminal penalties, as this provides for an exclusion of viewers from an infection rate of 20 to 100,000. This must now first be adjusted to the current availability. “

If ghost games become permanent, the FSV faces financial problems. Too bad: “Playing without spectators for a longer period of time or even until the end of the season would certainly bring our club into major economic difficulties.”


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