3rd league: Hoping for returnees – that’s why the HFC is not bringing in any more new ones

Still nine injured professionals and an unmistakable wear and tear of strength cause third division Halle a big headache.

Only last week did the sports management and the coaching team discuss the situation. Main topic: an additional reinforcement of the management – or not!

The interim result: The HFC relies on time, does not want a quick shot and rather hopes for the return of recovered professionals.

Trainer Florian Schnorrenberg (44): “We talk regularly and explore what is possible. But it is clear that there is only someone who can help us immediately. At the moment there are hardly any candidates who are fully in the juice. So we hope that some will return sooner. “

No newcomers to the HFC for the time being!

With two professionals there are signs of an early return. Do like that Jannes Vollert (23) and Tom Zimmer Various (23) good progress. While defender Vollert is on schedule, Zimmer Various is already further than planned. He could be back in November.


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