3rd league! For a new contract: More must come from Hansas Vollmann

Before the winter break, Korbinian Vollmann (27) probably had his strongest phase at Hansa. In the first half of the season, the winger scored two goals and prepared four. Then an ankle injury threw him back. In his two missions after that it became clear: He is not yet the same again.

Vollmann was surprisingly in the starting line-up against Lübeck (0: 1). What he made of it, however, neither satisfied him nor coach Jens Härtel (51). Vollmann: “There was a lot of room for improvement, no question. It was clear to me that after eight weeks of injury everything would not work out. “

Things went even better during his brief outing against Uerdingen (1-0). But if he wants to play for Hansa in the next season, more has to come. His contract expires in the summer. There have not yet been any discussions about a new working paper.

The time of his injury seems all the more annoying. Vollmann: “It’s always particularly bitter in the last year of the contract, especially because I was in a good mood before the winter break.”

Only full throttle helps! Any good performance would be another argument in favor of an extension. Vollmann also knows: “When I have learned something, it is that you should deal with things that you can influence. What I can influence is to play well. ”Against Türkgücü Munich on Monday (7pm) he could get another chance to do so.


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