3rd league: After a derby win against FCM – This three-man swears (H) everyone

This derby hit goes down in the history of Halleschen FC: 3-2 victory with a rump eleven against FCM, caught up again and a mood that the Leuna-Chemie-Stadion has seldom experienced in the third division.


First evidence: Before kick-off, all HFC professionals wore new warm-up shirts. The ten names of the permanently injured were immortalized on it. The remaining fit players gave everything for them too.

Trainer Florian Schnorrenberg shows the special warm-up shirt Photo: Uwe Koehn

Goalscorer Terrence Boyd (30): “The team spirit was decisive. It wasn’t a point game, it was a derby. I am very proud of the boys. They showed what we can fire out even in a small group. “

Second proof: Again the HFC managed to get at least one point after falling behind, this time it was three. The townspeople have already succeeded six times this season.

Cheering with crutches: Aaron Herzog (r.) Is happy with Jan Löhmannsröben

Cheering with crutches: Aaron Herzog (r.) Is happy with Jan LöhmannsröbenPhoto: Uwe Koehn

Captain Jonas Nietfeld (27): “I’m extremely happy about the morale in the team. I don’t know how many times we made it back after falling behind. “

Third proof: The fans drove their team to victory in a longer than it has been for a long time.

Free-kick taker Niklas Kreuzer (28): “The number of fans was huge. When it got exciting again at 3-2, every ball blocked was celebrated. That brought us the second air. “

This derby victory makes (H) everyone happy and swears together …


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