3rd league: 1. FC Saarbrücken: 3rd place with yoga tactics!

It is the 1st promotion final for third division team Saarbrücken! Saturday (2 p.m.) the fourth has to go to the third Braunschweig. In the event of a win, FCS slips to the relegation place!

Before the hectic game, the Saarlanders try to relax!

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With yoga tactics in 3rd place!

Background: After the training session on Friday morning, the team takes the bus to Braunschweig. The 500 kilometers can be quite long and uncomfortable…

FCS trainer Uwe Koschinat (50) reveals: “After arrival we do a gymnastic part in the hotel, with yoga-like exercises.”

To loosen up the legs after sitting for a long time.

Koschinat continues: “We have had good experiences in Magdeburg. Did exercises for 15, 20 minutes and then went to eat. That was really good for us.”

The Saarlanders lost 1:2, but the performance was appealing.

Koschinat knows: “We played our best games when we are very active.”

The coach demands: “It must be our goal to score as many points as possible in Braunschweig. We showed in Magdeburg that we can put up a fight against really good teams. We want to go to Braunschweig with this attitude and not with the attitude of somehow wanting to steal a point.”

But FCS can’t just look at themselves: If Türkgücü is actually thrown out of the league and the games are taken out of the table, Saarbrücken will lose 6 points.

However, for Koschinat, Braunschweig is not an “all-or-nothing game”: “As long as that is not set in stone, I will not let it flow into my coaching – according to the motto, we actually have even fewer points and have to mercilessly go for a win walk. We’re not going to play all or nothing from the first second. In my view, that would be completely the wrong advice.”

The Saarbrücken trainer prefers to remain calm and concentrate – thanks to yoga tactics.


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