3rd dose: “Do I need a booster if I had the Covid after being vaccinated”?

Dear Maria,

“To date, patients who have contracted Covid-19 after their first vaccination schedule should not be offered a booster dose”, indicates the note of the General Inspectorate of Health (IGS) dated August 27 which specifies the modalities of the new vaccination campaign. The additional dose of vaccine will therefore not be necessary in case of recent infection with the virus.

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As a reminder, this campaign for a third dose concerns people over 65 or people with co-morbidities who received their last dose more than six months ago.


The vaccine greatly reduces the risks

As you point out Maria, it is still possible to catch the Covid even if you are up to date with your vaccines. “No vaccine protects 100% », Recalls the High Authority for Health (HAS). But these can greatly reduce the risk of contracting the coronavirus, and even more of developing a serious form.

An English study (1)shows that the risk of being tested positive is divided by three for people who are fully vaccinated. The latter also transmit the virus less. Another study, conducted in people over 75 years old by the scientific interest group Epi-Phare, also finds that the risk of developing a severe form decreases by 87% as early as seven days after the second injection. “This means that they are nine times less likely to be hospitalized for Covid-19 than unvaccinated people over 75,” indicates the study.

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