3rd dose: answers to your questions about the vaccine booster against Covid

Initiated this summer by the government, the vaccine booster campaign against Covid-19 opened on September 1 for the most fragile French people – aged at least 65 or with co-morbidities – whose last injection dates back to more than six months.

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Find in this list all the answers to your questions by the journalists of The cross.

► “How to make an appointment for a new injection? “

On dedicated platforms, by phone or with a healthcare professional: there are several ways to make an appointment for a vaccination booster.

► “Is the vaccination booster compulsory to validate your health pass?” “

A person eligible for a third dose but who has not yet received it will still have a valid health pass.

► “Do I need a booster if I had the Covid after being vaccinated”?

The booster dose after a recent infection is not necessary, underlines the General Inspectorate of Health.

► “Should a serological test be done before getting vaccinated?” “

In some cases, serologic testing may be recommended, but they are unnecessary before a third dose is injected.

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