3rd dose and health pass: who is affected by the vaccination booster?

► Who is affected by the third dose?

The campaign for the third dose for the French at least 65 years old Where with comorbidities, and whose last injection was more than six months ago, has been open since September 1, 2021.

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Ehpad residents have been the subject of a specific campaign since September 13. Professionals who take care of or accompany vulnerable people can also receive this booster dose since October 6.

To avoid the effects of “Fifth wave”, the vaccine booster will be extended to 50-64 years from ” early December “, announced President Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday, November 9.

For those who have validated a complete vaccination schedule with a single injection after contracting the virus, it will not be a third dose, but a second dose.

At last, severely immunocompromised people who have already received a third dose, the booster will consist of getting vaccinated a fourth time.

► Is the vaccination booster compulsory for the health pass?

From December 15, the vaccine booster will be compulsory for people aged 65 and over to keep a health pass, announced the Head of State.

“If you are over 65 and had your last dose six months ago, you have five weeks to do your booster, otherwise your health pass will be deactivated”, said government spokesman Gabriel Attal on France Info the day after the presidential announcement.

People who received a third dose have already received a new qr-code, on which it is indicated “3/3”, and which can already serve as a sanitary pass.

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People with co-morbidities, who are also encouraged to make a recall after six months, are not affected by the deactivation of the sanitary pass for some “Legal and technical reasons”, said the spokesperson.

Concerning 50-64 year olds, “There will then be a certain logic for the health pass to apply in the same way for them once the recall campaign has been opened to them”, added Gabriel Attal after the Council of Ministers.

► How to make an appointment?

More than 70% of people over 65 have already received their third dose, said Gabriel Attal. The appointment booking methods do not change, on dedicated platforms, by phone or with a healthcare professional.

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100,000 appointments were recorded on the Doctolib site in one hour after the presidential address, against 80,000 in total the day before. The platform noted a 60% increase in appointments for the third dose last month. There are on average “Six days waiting” for the injection of the booster dose, says Doctolib on Twitter.

► What vaccine will be used?

In a note dated October 29, the government specifies that only Pfizer’s vaccine will be used for the vaccine booster. It thus follows a recommendation of the High Authority of Health of October 6.


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