35 artists filmed MV ‘No one will be left behind’

Anh Duc, Pham Toan Thang – artists who used to be F0 – encourage Covid-19 patients in the MV “No one will be left behind”.

MV “No one will be left behind” played on youtube on the evening of September 17. Video: Superbrothers

Composer Chau Dang Khoa composed a song on a night in early August when he read an article called No one will be left behind in Saigon. The song praises the kind people who helped and surrounded each other during the country’s difficult days.

The lyrics incorporate proverbs about the Vietnamese tradition of solidarity: “A torn leaf can still be loved”; “Relatives of the village, the fire and the dark still have each other”; “Love each other like a pumpkin in the same place for a long time”… He intended to invite many artists to participate in the recording, but because of the long distance, he could only send young singer Sofia to perform the song.

Actor Bao Thanh filmed himself with a poem to encourage the anti-epidemic spirit and sent it to the crew.  Photo: VN

Actor Bao Thanh filmed himself with a line to encourage the anti-epidemic spirit and sent it to the crew to make the MV. Photo: VN

In the music video, 35 artists such as Thu Minh, Dong Nhi, Wowy, Phan Manh Quynh, Van Mai Huong, actors Cat Tuong, Bao Thanh, Nam Thu, Tieu Vy… self-recorded and wrote cheering messages. anti-epidemic spirit through placards and pieces of paper. Besides, there are documentaries recording the lives of doctors and nurses, F0 in the isolation area, artists singing at the field hospital, giving charity gifts…

Closing the music video, actor Anh Duc said: “Covid-19 is scary and dangerous, but I won it. I will always be with you.” Another artist who used to be F0 – musician Pham Toan Thang – said: “My parents and I have just been cured. Everyone please be optimistic, because spirit is very important”.

Artists have responded to the movement of composing songs that inspire optimism during the pandemic. This wave was initiated from the first epidemic last year, recently returned with many songs that were well received by the audience such as: Oh Saigon! Sorry Thank you (Tuan Hung – Khac Viet), Miss Vi is far away (Crickets), Sent to the South (Anh Tuyet), Saigon I love (Xuan Phuoc – Quoc Vu)…

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