2nd league: joy at HSV – own goal costs Kiel 1st place

If the pubs were currently open, Alexander Mühling (28) would get free beer in every shoddy pint on the Hamburger Berg …

Kiel’s midfielder undercuts a very bitter own goal at 1: 2 in Fürth, which saves HSV first place. With a draw, Kiel would have overtaken the top favorites of the 2nd division by one point. Did not work!

Constant trouble spot in the attack center in Fürth: Dickson Abiama (r.), Here against Kiel’s captainPhoto: Getty Images

The tragic scene in the 83rd minute:

The strong room brings a corner from the left, Bauer presses Mühling and the native Oberhausen headed the ball quite powerfully into his own goal. The decision!

Curious: This means that four clubs with 42 points at the top of the 2nd division still have the best opportunities for promotion. In addition to the favorites Hamburg (lost to Würzburg) and Bochum (lost to Aue), Kiel and Fürth use the weakness of supposed top favorites such as Düsseldorf, Paderborn, or Hanover this season and establish themselves on top.

The kick at the Fürth Ronhof is not high class, but entertaining.

4th minute: Reese marches over to the left and crosses flat in front of the goal, where Mees is on the ball in front of Bauer and the ball pokes into the far corner. The early leadership for Kiel.

What’s coming from Fürth? The German champions from 1926 had to do without the otherwise strong midfielder Julian Green (25), who was infected with the corona virus.

In the 27th minute, the Franks are suddenly there: Raum serves the ball up from the left and Nielsen pushes a textbook-like header from 13 meters into the left corner with millimeter precision. The compensation is an absolutely worth seeing hit.

Kiel is still the better team until the break, and that doesn’t change after half-time.

Lee misses a big chance (63rd) after a strong Reese cross. Then very bitter for the storks: Thesker injured himself without any opponent influence, hobbled from the field. Lorenz comes for the central defender.

Kiel's best man Jae-Sung Lee (left) played in an unusual position in the center of the storm.  Right: Stach

Kiel’s best man Jae-Sung Lee (left) played in an unusual position in the center of the storm. Right: StachPhoto: Getty Images

But suddenly the Kiel defense is swimming.

The bustling Abiama prevails on the left, lays back to Hrgota, who uses great Nielsen. From the left inner post, the shot attempt by the ex-Braunschweig ricochet into the goal (67th).

But the hit doesn’t count! Abiama is offside before the pass to Hrgota, right decision. It remains at 1: 1.

Until Mühling hits his own goal …


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