2nd league: Finn Wullenweber saves derby point for HSV Hamburg

They had actually already lost. The HSV Handball was in the crazy second division derby against VfL Lübeck-Schwartau four minutes before the end 24:28 behind. But 15 seconds before the siren, Finn Wullenweber (23) threw the equalizer to 28:28 (15:14) after a wild catch-up.

Then there was a riot between the coaches. Pack formation! The players had to arbitrate!

“If you look at the course of the game, we have to be happy, then it’s a point won,” said captain Niklas Weller (27). It was even possible to win! But Schwartau’s goalkeeper Dennis Klockmann fended off Jan Forstbauer’s throw in the final second. Dominik Axmann’s throw into goal came too late …

Because the Alsterdorfer sports hall is closed with roof damage (BILD reported), the game was moved to the training hall in the Volkspark at short notice. And for the first few minutes it actually looked like a training game …

The guests arrived with three bankruptcies in their luggage, but got off to a better start. Then HSV worked its way in front of the injured playmaker Leif Tisser (21 / twisted knee) and the future goalkeeper Johannes Bitter (38 / rehab after meniscus surgery).

“In the second half we lost access to defense,” said shooter “Stulle” Wullenweber (8 goals), who played from the start for the first time after his back injury. “You can feel a bit of uncertainty,” analyzed former world champion Stefan Schröder (39) on TV. “It’s not the HSVH that we know from the last few months.”

The games against Aue (April 20th) and Hamm (27.) will also take place in q.beyond-Arena. For the other three games, HSVH blocked the Barclaycard Arena as a precaution. At the same time, Boss Sebastian Frecke also inquired about the Wilhelmsburg island park of the Towers.

HSV goals: Forstbauer (8), Wullenweber (8), Weller (5/3), Bergemann (3), Schimmelbauer (2), Axmann (1), Bauer (1).


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