24: 9 against Texans – Panthers star creates touchdown without helmet

3rd game – 3rd win!

The Carolina Panthers are unstoppable in the NFL right now and are unbeaten by a 24-9 at the Houston Texans this season.

Awesome scene just before the end: Panthers quarterback Sam Darnold manages a touchdown, losing his helmet in the process.

Panthers grab the 3rd victory!

However, the victory also goes away: The Panthers lose their star running back Christian McCaffrey early, who has to go down injured.

Before the game, everyone looks at junior quarterback Davis Mills (22)! He is in the starting line-up with the Texans for the first time. Because Tyrod Taylor, # 1 playmaker, is out with a hamstring injury. Houston is currently not deploying his replacement Deshaun Watson. There are 22 proceedings and investigations against him for sexual assault against women.

So Mills has to do it! NFL network commentator and quarterback legend Troy Aikman: “I’m excited to see what the boy does here! I am convinced that it can shine. “

The Panthers get the first points!

Quarterback Sam Darnold simply runs into the end zone himself – touchdown! The extra point also flies to the goal. 7-0, made-to-measure start!

And Mills? He only manages a first down in the first quarter. There is more!

But that’s what the defense of the Texans stands for! And how! Hardly getting through.

Bitter for the panthers: In the second quarter, super running back Christian McCaffrey, the best player on his team, was injured with a hamstring injury. Happened during a run by him. There is a risk of a break of several weeks.

With 25 seconds before the break, Mills can finally show off! His passport goes to Anthony Miller. Touchdown!

Mills and Miller – the hit!

But the extra point goes by. Therefore only 6: 7.

It takes a while for something to happen again! But then an eye-catcher!

The Panthers with a trick play that confuses the Texans Defense. Tommy Tremble runs into the end zone. Touchdown! Plus kick! 14: 6!

The Carolina Panthers increase to 17: 6 with a field goal. Kicker Zane Gonzalez hits easily from 21 yards.

The Texans are coming back. With a field goal from Joey Slye, who is successful from 53 yards. 17: 9.

Crazy scene just before the end: Panthers running back Royce Freeman flies head first in the direction of the end zone – and hits a defender with his helmet and is stopped. Boom! Both remain unharmed!

Darnold loses his helmet!

The decision! Panthers quarterback Darnold fights his way through a bunch of opponents to the touchdown, losing his helmet in the process! But still counts! Because he only loses his helmet in the fray after he’s in the end zone and not before. It’s good that nothing happened to him.

Plus the extra kick! 24: 9! The end!


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