2: 3! Bloodletting too big: Fortuna also lets the Prussians bleed

This way, Münster’s regional league players can throw their promotion ambitions into the bin for the time being …

2: 3 – bloodletting too big. Fortuna also lets the Prussians bleed

Nothing again! In the third duel with an opponent at eye level, the team of coach Sascha Hildmann (49) received their second bankruptcy. After the 2: 3 against Essen there was now another 2: 3 at Fortuna Cologne. In between, the zero number against Wuppertal.

The fact is: The bad luck with injuries threw the Prussians off track. The failures of Dennis Daube (32 / torn cruciate ligament) as well as Thorben Deters (26) and Manuel Farrona Pulido (28 / each torn fiber) simply do not get them compensated. The attempt to get through the season with a narrow one seems to fail early on.

Jules Schwadorf was supposed to keep the Prussian midfield in order, but missed a huge opportunity in the first roundPhoto: firo Sportphoto / Jürgen Fromme

But that was not the only reason in the south stadium why the eagle bearers left the field with their heads hanging after the final whistle. In front of 600 fans who had traveled with them, they had accepted the fighting game of the compact Fortunes too late and mostly ran after them, especially in the first half hour.

Significant the leadership of the home side: After a post hit, Sascha Marquet (31) switched faster than Münster’s sleepy defense, pushed the rebound on the confused goalkeeper Marco Dedovic (23 / was in the box for the sick Max Schulze Niehues) over into the net (11th).

Only in the final phase of the first round did the Prussians increase the pressure for their part. After Jules Schwadorf (28) – free-standing from five meters (30th) – initially pole over the crossbar, Alexander Langlitz (30) finally spiked the ball after Julian Schauerte (33) scored the equalizer in the goal (44th). . Just 60 seconds later, he even had his second booth on his feet, but warped.

Coach Hildmann is frustrated: “In this phase we would have had to turn the game in our favor.” All the more bitter that his team did not save this momentum in the second half.


Even “Joker” Deniz Bindemann, with his late connecting goal, could not prevent Prussia from landing roughly on the hard ground of reality at Fortuna ColognePhoto: firo Sportphoto / Jürgen Fromme

But the home side brought it back into the game better. On the one hand through two large chances given by Henok Teklab (21/51.) And Gerrit Wegkamp (28/63.). On the other hand, due to the inadequate defense of standard situations. Dominik Lanius’ header (24) after a corner kick to Cologne 2: 1 (73rd) – much too easy. The fact that Marcel Hoffmeier (22/75) also scored in his own goal after Dedovic’s rescue operation made the black evening perfect for Münster. The connection of “Joker” Deniz Bindemann (83rd) came too late …

After just one win from the last five games, a lot of frustration: Prussia's sports director Peter Niemeyer and head coach Sascha Hildmann

After just one win from the last five games, a lot of frustration: Prussia’s sports director Peter Niemeyer and head coach Sascha HildmannPhoto: firo Sportphoto / Jan Fromme

Sports director Peter Niemeyer (37) deeply disappointed: “Now we have exactly the situation that we absolutely wanted to avoid.” With just one win from the last five matches, Prussia said goodbye to the top. Hildmann is also totally frustrated: “That really hurts. We had big plans and actually planned to be the front runner again for at least one night. Instead, we are now hanging on the back. “

Means a lot of work for him and his boys in the next few weeks if they actually want to make the connection again …


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