2: 1 against Eilenburg – This time Müller meets chemistry victory

The players of BSG Chemie blew through with relief after the final whistle. 2-1 against Eilenburg. After four defeats in a row, a threesome again.

Stephane Mvibudulu has a free header after four minutes, but aims by meters. Dennis Mast needs too long in the penalty area to be really dangerous (22nd). A tough game.

And then the pick-me-up! Philipp Wendt circles a cross on the penalty point, there is Florian Brügmann and skilfully heads the ball into the right corner (35th) – 1-0!

The proverbial cold shower nine minutes after the break. Stelmak puts on Fiedler, who scores from the penalty point to equalize.

Brügmann then has several chances to score goal number 4 of the season. But first he fails to goalkeeper Naumann (66th), then his shot is deflected for a corner (83rd). However, this has consequences …

An Eilenburger extends the lurking behind Tom Müller, who scores 2-1 (84th). He had already scored a week ago, but without any value in the 1: 2 against Cottbus.

This time it is enough to win against brave Muldestädter.


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