2-0 in Auerbach: That’s why Chemie Leipzig is suddenly so good

Chemie Leipzig is currently difficult to stop! In Auerbach, the BSG fought for a 2-0 (1-0) and continued to establish themselves in the regional league top.

Coach Miroslav Jagatic (44): “It was a match between two teams at eye level. We are really happy, but we all know how to classify it. “

Chemistry is suddenly really good – and also completely ripped off! Jagatic explains the reason: “We are now playing the games where we drew last season and are no longer always trailing behind.”

In Auerbach, Knipser Stephané Mvibudulu (27) gave Chemie an early lead with his fifth goal of the season (13th). When Alexander Bury (28) scored 2-0 (90th) the game was over.

But what is the secret of this serenity? Jagatic: “The team has learned from the mistakes of the previous season, is consolidated and has been reinforced with players who also fit into the collective immediately as types.”

Does team spirit do more than the official season goal of staying up? Jagatic declines: “Third place is a snapshot. The season is still long. “


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