2-0 against bottom: lackluster victory lets Prussia shine!

Head to head to the next round!

Münster’s regional league kickers continue to hold their own against top favorite Essen in the race for promotion to the third division. While the Red-Whites were able to hold their own in Wiedenbrück (1-0), the team of coach Sascha Hildmann (49) defended the lead in the table with a 2-0 win against Homberg. Convincing, however, works differently…

Tail light defeated. Lackluster victory lets Prussia shine!

“It was the expected difficult game against a deep opponent,” Hildmann analyzed after 90 tedious minutes without any major highlights. But it’s also a fact: his boys made a significant contribution to the fact that 5163 fans had rather meager football food to digest in the most beautiful sunshine. A surprising number Playing and concentration mistakes as well as a poor exploitation of chances – more can actually be asked of a leader against the defeated bottom of the league.

But the most important thing: the bottom line was once again three very valuable points! Marcel Hoffmeier (22) and Deniz Bindemann (19) were mainly responsible for their goals.

Prussia’s Marcel Hoffmeier (center) forms his hands into a “P” after his lead. A gesture for his buddy Patrick, whom he had promised a goal before the gamePhoto: Jan Fromme/ firo Sportphoto

The 19th minute: Homberg initially takes the ball out of the danger zone after a Prussian free kick. But he lands right on the left foot of Hoffmeier, who volleys the ball under the crossbar from 23 meters. From there she bounces on the crutches of VfB keeper Philipp Gutkowski (27) – and into the net. Münster’s central defender: “It will probably be counted as an own goal. But whatever. The main thing is that thing in there!”

Deniz Bindemann could not have made the preliminary decision in just three minutes. After a catastrophic bad pass from the guests, the storm talent was suddenly completely free in front of the Homberger box. But his shot from 11 meters went past the post to the right. Bindemann: “Something like this really shouldn’t happen. But I was probably too sure of that.”

A scene that can easily throw young players like him off balance. The 19-year-old somehow faded them out as a result. And finally used his second opportunity to make it 2-0.

The 72nd minute: Henok Teklab (23) sends Bindemann on the journey with a fine pass. He enters the penalty area on the right, elegantly curves around goalkeeper Gutkowski and completes it from eight meters. The scorer relieved: “Important for my self-confidence. The missed big chance is ticked off.”

The Prussians defended their lead against Homberg.  Münster's hope for advancement is alive...

The Prussians defended their lead against Homberg. Münster’s hope for advancement is alive…Photo: Jan Fromme/ firo Sportphoto

And Prussia’s victory finally in the sack. In addition, there were far more possibilities to achieve a clearer result. For example by Alexander Langlitz (30), who just missed his header (27th). Or Darius Ghindovean (20). The match winner in the 1-0 win in Düsseldorf a week ago, he hit the left post against Homberg in the 56th minute from five meters, completely unchallenged. Last but not least, newcomer Thomas Kok (24) could have scored his debut goal in the eagle jersey. But he also missed the empty housing with his head from six meters.

Nevertheless, the cheering in the stadium on Hammer Strasse was of course great when referee Tobias Severins (29/Rheda-Wiedenbrück) ended the game with a long whistle. The fight for promotion remains exciting. And Prussia continues to be Essen’s toughest opponent. Happiness and success have to be earned. And as far as that is concerned, you definitely can’t blame Hildmann (who will have to do without Robin Ziegele/5th yellow against Bonn next week) and his boys…


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