1860 Munich: Thanks to Edeljoker Goden, the lions are playing again at the top

He is the fastest lion on the pitch, sprinting the 100 meters in under 11 seconds. But it took him several attempts before he took off!

After a long period of suffering, Kevin Goden (23) finally shows what he’s made of. Two goals in the last three games, for the winning goal against Zwickau in the 3:1 he needed less than 60 seconds after being substituted on.

Goden: “I’m fresh when I come off the bench, the pitch is often hectic, but I always stay relaxed. I’m relatively clear-headed.” In 2018 he made his Bundesliga debut in Nuremberg under Michael Köllner (then club coach) and played a total of five games in the 1st division.

After his move to the lions last summer, Corona kept slowing him down. He was first infected in September, then again after Christmas. He spent almost the whole of January in isolation – in his children’s room with Mama Florentine (comes from the Ivory Coast) and Papa Martin in his hometown of Bonn.

Goden: “The year got off to a catastrophic start. I couldn’t lose my head. I know what I’m capable of.” And further: “I’m not a break clown, I’m a quiet person, I think a lot.”

By the way, his biggest fan isn’t his father: “He’s rather behind when it comes to football (laughs). My mother watches every game.” And she would certainly like to see the junior from the start.

Goden: “I was able to help the team from the bank. That counts. But of course I want as many minutes as possible and a few more goals. It’s good for confidence.”

Is it enough for promotion to the second division? Goden: “It would be wrong to look at others or at the promotion places. We turned things around after two bankruptcies and we have to keep doing that. You must not get hectic or overpace.”


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