1860 Munich President Robert Reisinger encourages the fans

Despite a moderate start, Lion President Robert Reisinger (57) is sticking to his dream!

After six match days, the Lions are in the middle of the table with nine points, four points behind the leaders. A decent start for the Ober-Löwen: “We are on target,” says Reisinger.

Before the home game on Saturday (2 p.m., live on Magenta TV) against Meppen and Reisinger asks: “Six points from the next two games, and we are above the target.”

# While the Lions do not use the word ascent, the president’s goal has not changed. In the BILD interview, he recently announced his goal for the season: “To be better than last season means third place and thus at least relegation. I am very optimistic that it will work. “

Although the Lions have only won twice and have not yet landed an away three, Reisinger sticks: “I am very satisfied. After the defeat in Kaiserslautern (3-0, editor’s note), the sporting leadership reacted. That was a wake-up call, and it came at the right time. I really like the way setbacks are dealt with. As was the case last year, the team spirit is our big pound again. The league is incredibly balanced, no one will march through it. That’ll stay exciting until the end. “

Reisinger also expects pure excitement in the 2nd DFB Cup round against Schalke on October 26th (6.30 p.m.). If you win, you will get around half a million euros. “That would be a great injection of finance,” he says. It is not yet clear whether the lions will move to the Olympic Stadium for the cup hit. Reisinger: “We are examining all options.”

Trend: 1860 stays in the Grünwald stadium and hopes that the full capacity (15,000) may even be allowed.


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