1860 Munich: Marius Willsch fit again after almost six months

He risked everything for the possible promotion last season – and paid bitterly for it!

Marius Willsch (30) is finally back in training after almost six months of pubic bone inflammation and can hope for the game on Saturday in Saarbrücken (2 p.m.).

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Can the lions turn things around with him?

The team of coach Michael Köllner (51) has now slipped to 15th place in the third division. Things used to be better with Willsch: the left-back was one of the top performers last season, almost always playing for over 90 minutes, at the end of the day in great pain.

The promotion final was only possible for him with medication, in the end Ingolstadt won 3-1 – and Willsch was out for almost half a year.

With the return of the left-back, Yannick Deichmann (27) can finally leave the defensive position that is not ideal for him, finally play offensively and prove his strengths.

Will the lions finally get back on track with Willsch?

► The 1860 home game against Waldhof Mannheim, which was canceled last weekend due to the corona situation with the opponent, will be on Tuesday, November 30th. made up at 7 p.m.


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