1860 Munich: DFB determined against Mölders. No lock expected

Trouble for Sascha Mölders (36)! Because he said “Spacko” after the 2-2 draw in the third division derby against Bayern II, the DFB determined against the lion captain.

What happened? The lions were behind twice in the hard-fought game, with two penalties (Mölders and Steinhart) they saved a point.

After the final whistle, the emotions boiled high, Mölders and Bayern midfielder Maximilian Welzmüller (31) clashed again, fought a battle of words on the lawn.

Immediately afterwards Mölders came to the interview with “Magenta Sport”, still cursed Welzmüller: “Next year you will be in the Regionalliga Bayern, Spacko.”

Bad luck for Mölders that the microphone was switched on before the first question …

But why not say “Spacko”? Because it is an insult and therefore unsporting! Colloquially, the word describes someone as weak, awkward, strange, or stupid. The derivation from the medical term “spastic” has not been proven.

In the event of such derailments, the DFB must comply with its control obligation, but it is important to maintain proportionality. The control committee has requested Mölders to provide a prompt statement.

According to BILD information, blocking the goal scorer is not an issue. But a fine in the low four-digit range.


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