1860 Munich continued in the Toto Cup: double pack from Linsbichler

This time at least without trembling: Third division team 1860 is in the round of 16 of the Bavarian Toto Cup.

Although “only” 3-0 (3-0) against the district league team Saas-Bayreuth – but coach Michael Köllner (51) has his A-team for the hit on Saturday (2pm, live on BR television and on Magenta TV) in Kaiserslautern spared.

Only the suspended Yannick Deichmann (conceded 1: 1 against Türkgücü yellow-red) was there.

Obligatory task fulfilled, and someone can finally be happy: Tim Linsbichler (21). After the young striker Lorenz Knöferl (28th) initiated the victory, Linsbichler turned it up: The Ösi striker only needed two minutes for his brace (43rd / 45th). But the run-up to the lions was extremely long!

The 1.93-meter giant has been under contract with 1860 for eleven months (came from Hoffenheim II), but only now can he play and, above all, score. A persistent pubic bone inflammation put him out of action for months. Again and again there were setbacks in the advanced training.

If the striker continues like this, it will only be a matter of time before he hits the third division.

Coach-Köllner had to bite his teeth yesterday: In addition to his torn muscle fiber, which he suffered in the 1: 1 jubilation against Türkgücü in the league, there was also a lumbago. “The team is indestructible,” he said last. He also!

The Würzburger Kickers are also one round ahead after their 3-1 (2-1) win against Bayern league club Großbardorf.

Title defender Türkgücü Munich shot down Bayernliga promoted FC Gundelfingen 4-1 (2-1).

Third division relegated SpVgg Unterhaching must on August 24th. compete against league competitor Buchbach. The team of newcomer Sandro Wagner (33) has recently won the league six times in a row.


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