1860 Munich also wins in Lautern: with three blasts in second place

This duo is a dream – a dream of advancement!

Sascha Mölders (35) and Richard Neudecker (24) temporarily slam the lions into second place, they single-handedly shoot the hosts Lautern in a 3-0 victory!

Neudecker opened the gate-fest with a directly converted free kick (5th). Nothing comes from Lautern, but Michael Köllner’s (50) team is getting better and better: Greilinger flank, Mölders headed – 2-0 (36th). The lions top, Lautern shockingly weak – and from the 43rd minute only with ten men because Bachmann sees red. Despite the deep ground, Mölders is in a baller mood, as with his hat-trick against Mannheim (5-0), making it 3-0 again with his head (80th).

His conclusion on “Magentasport”: “I know the business. At the moment I hit and can do everything, then it doesn’t work again and I can’t do anything. But now I just enjoy it, and the hits are served really well. ”With eleven goals, Mölders is now the top scorer in the third division.

Six points after two games in the English Week – coach Köllner sounds satisfied: “We just played a good game and in the end we managed not to give up the leadership but to expand it.” Super striker Mölders received special praise: “It it is impressive how it started again and again in such a deep place. “

If the lions can add more on Friday evening against Wehen Wiesbaden, there has been a quiet Christmas at 1860 for a long time.


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