13 years of marriage of ‘The most beautiful Miss Hong Kong’

Ly Gia Han – dubbed the ‘most beautiful Miss Hong Kong’ – said to marriage, only love is not enough, but also needs knowledge.

Ly Gia Han – known by the Chinese media as “the most beautiful Miss Hong Kong” – celebrated the 13th wedding anniversary of businessman Hua Tan Hanh on November 23. Follow MingpaoThe couple kept their happiness and strong marriage despite facing many whispers and gossip. Gia Han said that Hua Tan Hanh is both her husband and friend. The love of two people is big enough to face the problems in life. Hua Tan Hanh always puts family first, pampering her.

Ly Gia Han and his wife and their son on the actor’s birthday in June. Photo: Weibo/Li Jiaxin

On her personal page, Ly Gia Han once wrote that in marriage, love alone is not enough, but knowledge and understanding are also needed. She wrote: “It is necessary to be wise enough to accept the shortcomings and at the same time encourage the advantages of the other. It is necessary to be wise enough to resolve conflicts, to love and care for each other”. Ly Gia Han believes that in family life, she is a student, always learning to improve and perfect herself.

The two have many differences in habits and interests. For example, Hua Tan Hanh is afraid of heat and Ly Gia Han is afraid of cold. The businessman likes to turn on the air conditioner at 16 degrees Celsius while sleeping while Gia Han covers with a cotton blanket. To sleep well and ensure health, husband and wife often sleep separately in two connecting rooms. The actor said this does not affect the couple’s relationship. The beauty feels the romance, unexpected joy when sometimes, her husband hides a gift in her room.

Ly Gia Han, Hua Tan Hanh took wedding photos in the family's villa worth more than 700 million HKD (about 90 million USD).  Mingpao

Ly Gia Han, Hua Tan Hanh took wedding photos in the family’s villa worth more than 700 million HKD (about 90 million USD). Mingpao

Both husband and wife avoid mentioning the love story of their partner in the past. Above On, Gia Han said her husband never judged or nagged, so the two rarely argued. The actress is grateful to her husband for creating conditions for her to do what she likes.

Before getting married, Ly Gia Han was called a “third person” by many viewers, intervening in the marriage of Hua Tan Hanh and Ha Sieu Quynh – the daughter of Macau “Casino King” Ha Hong San. The businessman and daughter of the Ha family got married in 1991, cracked in 2000, but the divorce procedure took six years to complete. Around that time, Hua Tan Hanh dated Ly Gia Han. Follow Mingpao, the actress kept her relationship a secret until the businessman was officially “free” in 2006. During the wedding ceremony in 2008, Miss said: “I have been waiting for this day for a long time”.

Ly Gia Han and his wife on their wedding day.  Photo: Mingpao

Ly Gia Han and his wife on their wedding day. Photo: Mingpao

The wedding attracted attention with a cost of about 100 million HKD (12.8 million USD). Bride and groom wearing Valentino and Tom Ford outfits. Famous Italian chefs prepare expensive dishes such as white truffles and caviar. Hua Tan Hanh’s family belongs to the elite in Hong Kong. The businessman’s father – Hua The Huan – passed away in 2018, leaving a fortune of about 40 billion HKD (5.1 billion USD). Currently, Hua Tan Hanh manages the family company.

The beauty of Ly Gia Han on the screen

The beauty of Ly Gia Han on the screen. Video: Bilibili

Gia Han was born in Macau, has a Portuguese father and a Chinese mother. At the age of three, she was invited to act in an advertisement thanks to her pretty face. At the age of 18, she competed for Miss Hong Kong, which was rated “unrivaled” by the media at that time because of her outstanding beauty. After being crowned Miss, Ly Gia Han continuously modeled, invited by famous directors to act in movies. She appeared in Phuong The Ngoc, Loc Dinh Ky 2, Fallen Angel, Hai Thuong Hoa, Nguyen Chan Hiep

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