10 “Made in France” gift ideas to slip under the tree

FIGARO TOMORROW – Toys, fine second-hand clothes, sweets … The possibilities are endless. Here is our Christmas 2021 selection, for all tastes and all budgets.

Last straight before Christmas. It’s time to buy the gifts that will make your kids, parents, siblings or friends happy. But can we (really) please them while buying French? Here are our 10 Made in France gift ideas for a Merry Christmas!

Spread for a gourmet Christmas

For breakfast and afternoon tea, the spread delights young and old. To change from the usual chocolate-hazelnut, opt for one of the original flavors of Chocolartisan spreads: Vendée galette, cashew nuts, white chocolate, salted butter caramel and Guérande salt … there is something for you. every taste !

Created in 2009, the Chocolartisan brand markets spreads without palm oil and without sugar (they contain sweeteners). Its creator, Roland Charles – artisan chocolatier -, made his brand known by surveying France’s Christmas markets and having his recipes tested by as many people as possible.

Price: around 6 euros.

Chocolartisan offers original flavors including Vendée galette, cashew nuts, white chocolate, salted butter caramel and Guérande salt. Chocolate craftsman

The Mako Castings Box for a creative Christmas

For little sculpture lovers, and budding French lovers, Mako Moulages offers the “Famous monument“. Founded in the 1960s in Saint-Etienne and taken over by Agnès Beuchet, a 39-year-old mother from Nantes, the Mako Moulages brand offers games based on the manipulation of matter to create fairies, dinosaurs, and many ‘other figurines. With the range “Famous monuments», Your child will discover the most famous buildings around the world. The range begins with a monument of choice: the unique and sublime Eiffel Tower.

Suggested price : 16.95 euros.

Mako Moulages offers a “My famous monuments” box to mold the sublime Eiffel Tower. Mako Castings

Cuddles from Aix for a tasty Christmas

Did you know that in Provence, it is customary for us to eat Aix-en-Provence at Christmas? This oblong-shaped candy made from candied melon and almonds is one of the 13 desserts traditionally eaten on New Year’s Eve. If the log has now replaced them in many Provençal families, the Aix cuddle remains as delicious as ever. A safe bet for all confectionery lovers!

Price : around 20 euros, varies according to brands and ranges.

The origin of the Aix Cuddle dates back to the 15th century. Confectionery Brémond

A Maison FT T-shirt for a stylish Christmas

Are the men around you pretty? Offer them an original t-shirt (or sweatshirt) from the FT brand, founded in 2016 by two brothers, Foucaud (commercial) and Théophile (management controller) Magnon-Pujo, eager to offer t-shirts made in the short circuit . The design is carried out in Paris, the making of the t-shirts in Lille and Troyes, and the screen printing near Avignon. Finally, packaging and shipping are carried out from the city of Lyon. Cotton comes from the United States (Mississippi and Arkansas).

Suggested price : 45 euros.

Around 45 euros. FT house

The Jouécabois construction set for an inventive Christmas

What if your child was a future engineer or architect? Develop your creativity with the construction set “The barrel of 200 pieces»From Jouécabois. Created in 2007, Jouécabois designs, manufactures and distributes games and toys for young and old in Brittany: construction games, but also outdoor games such as Finnish skittles, Breton puck, etc. All are made of natural wood from sustainably managed French forests.

Price: approximately 40 euros.

Around 40 euros. Jouécabois

Here is the pouch for a mystery Christmas

Not really inspired? Opt for the Voilà pouch, which dust off the surprise pouch of our childhood. From skincare products to fashion accessories and sweets, it contains a wide variety of Made in France products. The idea of ​​bringing together the know-how of French companies in a surprise bag to highlight them was born from the imagination of two friends: Frédérique Libaud and Fabienne Delahaye, creator of the Made in France fair (who, this year , was held from November 11 to 14 in Paris).

Price: several ranges of pouches, from 49 euros.

What’s in this mystery pouch? Here it is

The Morphée relaxation pebble for a zen Christmas

A boss who is too demanding, a mountain of unfinished files … Work is often a major source of stress. We all have someone around us who must have had a hard time letting go. To help him relax and externalize, offer him the Morphée Zen relaxation pebble. This ideal companion for busy days slips easily into your pocket. The person who uses it plugs in their headphones and escapes for a relaxation therapy session, with soft music or nature sounds. Immediate benefits. This is not the first attempt of the two young French designers Guillaume Barathon and Charlie Rousset, who, in 2017, created the Morphée box in collaboration with sophrologists and sleep professionals. This year, the French Tech start-up, based in Aix-en-Provence, achieved 12 million turnover and the duo has just opened an office in New York.

Price: approximately 80 euros at Nature & Découverte.

This relaxation pebble is made by the Aix-based start-up Morphée, in collaboration with sophrologists and sleep professionals. Zen Morpheus

The Cherbourg umbrella for an elegant Christmas

For those who like to be stylish, even in the rain, consider the famous Cherbourg umbrella. It was in 1986, 23 years after the release of Jacques Demy’s legendary film – with Catherine Deneuve and Nino Castelnuovo – that the brand “the real Cherbourg»Was filed by Jean-Pierre Yvon, an industrialist from Cherbourg specializing in leather. Renamed since Le parapluie de Cherbourg, the brand offers around twenty colors and models. You just have to choose.

Price: several models, from 140 euros.

The mythical Umbrella of Cherbourg. The Umbrella of Cherbourg

The Saint-Lazare backpack for a chic Christmas

Still lacking inspiration? How about a Saint-Lazare backpack! This brand, created in 2019, collects used objects such as fire hoses or bicycle or truck inner tubes to give them a second life in the form of belts, suspenders and jewelry. She recently broadened her universe of creation by developing a line of leather goods made in France, with new upcycled materials and without animal leather. Like this backpack made in a workshop in Tarn from a tractor inner tube and nautical canvas, or computer pockets made in a Lille workshop from the felt recovered from TGV seats.

Suggested price : 145 euros.

This backpack is made from a tractor inner tube and nautical canvas. Saint Lazare

An Iodized smartphone for a connected Christmas

Giving a smartphone to your children can be off-putting. How to prevent hundreds of information about them from being collected without their knowledge every time they go to applications? To prevent these intrusions, the Toulouse-based company Iodé adapts smartphones by emptying them of their initial operating system (OS), Android, and instead installs its own system, IodéOS. This acts as a firewall that constantly controls the smartphone and its applications and blocks private data transmissions.

On its site, Iodé offers new or refurbished smartphones. Regarding new models, the company works in particular with Fairphone and Teracube, two eco-responsible brands. The refurbished smartphones come from two French companies, Cordon Electronics and Smaaart, which check their condition. For the moment, only models from Samsung and Sony are being relisted. With the smartphone, Iodé also provides the charger and a hands-free kit.

Price : between 219 and 519 euros.

Iodé adapts smartphones to block data transmission. Iodine


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