1 year in office: This is how Saarbrücken judges coach Kwasniok

He has already exceeded his tenure at Ex-Klub Jena …

A year ago today, Lukas Kwasniok (39) signed with 1. FC Saarbrücken. Since then, the FCS has played 24 competitive games (12 wins, 5 draws, 7 defeats).

One year of Kwasniok – BILD takes stock!

Kwasniok himself says: “With the promotion, reaching the semi-finals in the DFB Cup and the good start to the season, it should have been the best year for FCS for a long time.”

Defender Marin Sverko (left) is one of the winners under Lukas KwasniokPhoto: picture alliance / Eibner-Presse

And sports director Jürgen Luginger (53) also says: “I would see it as a successful year and give him a good report card.”

One thing is clear: The young coach is doing a lot right, but was wrong in some decisions. He builds on a relatively small base of players, but sometimes pushes them to positions that are unfamiliar to them. In the bankruptcies in Mannheim (1: 4) and Bavaria (1: 2) that went really bad.

But he turned talents into top players in the third division. Take Marin Sverko (22), for example, who hardly anyone had on the slip before.

The fact is: Kwasniok always pursues a plan, unlike his predecessor Dirk Lottner (48), is considered extremely hard-working. On the other hand, Kwasniok lacks these same points of sympathy from his predecessor, he sometimes offends with his sometimes complacent manner.

Audience darling with no perspective: Christopher Schorch (left) no longer has a chance under Kwasniok

Audience darling with no perspective: Christopher Schorch (left) no longer has a chance under KwasniokPhoto: Bongarts / Getty Images

Kwasniok: “I’m not really interested in the trappings. I’m interested in my team. “

Clear statements that do justice to a climber in fourth place.

By the way, Kwasniok has no requests for additional staff. Even more: he would like to downsize the squad in winter.

Christopher Schorch (31) in particular played out, but Teo Herr, Mergim Fejzullahu and possibly Ramon Castellucci can also leave.


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